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Friend Search For Chat Application: Features and Usage

Some of us like to interact with strangers or make new friends through social media applications. We might find fake accounts or may fall into a trap or crime in search of this interaction. To avoid such situations the Friend searches for chat: girl will be the best pick. 

This application can let you create a WhatsApp account. Through this one can find new  friends, can have a good conversation, and create group chats. One can also save the status of the friends, videos and images. This could be the perfect choice to make pranks on friends and it gives amazing experience and entertainment to its users.

Features of the Application

  • You can find mobile numbers of unknown members
  • Use this app at anytime anywhere for free
  • You can send a WhatsApp message without keeping the contact information
  • Post on the social media after saving your friends status
  • Every status is permanently kept and may be seen in offline mode.

How to Use the Friend Search chat

Are you alone or do you need new friends? So what are you waiting for? Just download the friend search chat app to interact with the new friends that you’ve never met. To know more about the usage go through the below procedure without missing!

Step 1: Get Access for the App

After downloading the application you will come across an interface showing three options:

  • Start
  • Games
  • Share

Step 2: Select the Required Options

If you choose the first option then a new homepage will be opened with multiple options like 

  • Male and Female
  • Enter the country code and phone number
  • Number of contacts to create

If you choose the male then it will generate all the male contacts to your WhatsApp or vice versa. After typing the random phone numbers.

Along with the random phone number add the number of contacts you wish to generate so that new contacts will be created.

Step 3: Choose Create

After adding all the information, tab on the create option. A pop will appear showing that the “new contacts are created successfully”. 

Now you can directly open the whatsapp to chat with the unknown numbers. Keep in the mind that all the contacts will be saved as the unknown contact 1, 2, and so on. 

Note: You might not get the number of contacts ts you selecting before creating

Final Note

Friend Search for chat is an easy-to-use smartphone app that can assist you in finding and connecting with new WhatsApp friends in your neighborhood. You won’t have any trouble understanding how it works because of its simple and intuitive user interface. 

But be aware of making friends as you might find frauds or fake accounts which might create trouble.

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