Saturday, June 22, 2024

Exciting News: New Nothing Dialer App Concept Unveiled

Hey everyone! Awesome news for Nothing Phone fans – a cool new concept for the Nothing Dialer app is making waves! Aman, the genius behind the Gallery App idea, came up with this fantastic design that’s got us all buzzing.


Cool Incoming Call Screen

In the first picture, you see the screen when someone’s calling you. It’s super clean and simple – a picture of the person calling you at the top, their name in a unique font, and buttons to answer or reject the call at the bottom. It even shows if it’s a work, family, or friend call!

Neat Call Screen

The next pic shows what the screen looks like during a call. It’s not complicated – just the person’s name and how long you’ve been talking at the top. The buttons for muting, using the speaker, and other stuff are at the bottom. And guess what? The button to end the call is bright red!

Awesome Keypad and Recent Calls

The second picture is all about the keypad (you know, where you press numbers) and recent calls. The keypad looks nice and simple, using a dotted font for the numbers. The recent calls part has pictures of your contacts and buttons at the top for searching and adding new contacts.

Easy Contact Management

In more pictures, you can see different parts of the app, like a scroll wheel to find contacts quickly and swipe options to deal with calls. If you press and hold on someone’s contact, a card pops up with lots of cool options like calling, texting, and even editing their info.

People Are Excited!

Aman shared these ideas online, and even the cool people from Nothing, like Rob Godwin and Mladen M. Hoyss, said they liked it! But here’s the thing – even though everyone’s talking about it, Nothing hasn’t said for sure if they’re going to use this new dialer app. Right now, they’re more focused on making a Gallery App.

What’s Next?

Even though there’s no official word yet, it’s super exciting to think about having a special dialer app made by Nothing. The pictures look awesome, and it seems like it could make using the phone even more fun! Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see what happens next with Nothing Phone. Stay tuned!

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