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BGMI Royale Pass Month 21 is now Available: Check Price, Rewards, End Date and How to Claim

After the recent BGMI unban, BGMI gamers all over India have experienced several modifications and inclusions to BGMI. However, after all these inclusions, the craze for the new Royale Pass has reached to the peaks. Earlier, the BGMI Royale Pass Month 21 made its own way by a 10 month wait to the game ending of players by bringing a smile on their faces. The BGMI Royale Pass Month 21 offers various items, cosmetics and also emotes to enrich the gamers’ inventory.

How to Purchase BGMI Royale Pass Month 21?

BGMI Royale pass Month 21 depends on the High Victory theme. BGMI players can obtain exclusive rewards and access this Royale Pass till 1 July 2023 (5:29 AM IST).

Players trying to buy the BGMI Royale Pass Month 21  will find two variants in it. However, the base Elite Pass can be purchased for 360 UC and the Elite Pass Plus variant can be purchased for 960 UC. A 60 UC discount voucher will be rewarded to purchase the latter.

Since the link to previous Royale Pass has been reset after BGMI unban, gamers should acknowledge that they can’t make use of an EZ License Card for free.

Best Rewards in BGMI Royale Pass Month 21

The latest BGMI Royale Pass 21 has two sections, one is free whereas the other is paid.

Let’s have a check on the list of best rewards in BGMI Royale Pass Month 21.

  • Royale Pass Rank 1 provides Grand Heist Set with Crimson Agenda P92
  • Royale Pass Rank 5 rewards Grand Heist Mask
  • Royale Pass Rank 10 offers a Cute Clown Finish Aeroplane
  • Royale Pass Rank 15 provides RP Avatar (M21), Crimson Agenda Helmet with Bodybuilding Champ Emote 
  • Royale Pass Rank 20 offers Crimson Agenda Parachute in addition to Gilded Roar Stun Grenade
  • Royale Pass Rank 23 rewards Night Roamer Mask 
  • Royale Pass Rank 25 offers Night Roamer Set
  • Royale Pass Rank 30 rewards both Dystopian Clown Aeroplane Finish and a Dark Reign Emote
  • Royale Pass Rank 35 provides Dancing Prints P90
  • Royale Pass Rank 40 offers Wild Guffaw – QBZ
  • Royale Pass Rank 50 rewards Dark Reign Cover and a Dark Reign Set

With all these stunning rewards, many BGMI players have already claimed the Month 21 RP. Players who want to level up their RP quickly can use their Activity Cards each worth 1000 UC instantly. These activity cards enable them to rank up by ten levels at the same time.

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All the BGMI fans and lovers expected the A1 Royale Pass to be introduced in the Indian variant. This is already available in PUBG mobile. Players were actually surprised when the M21 Royale Pass was launched instead. It remains to be seen if the A1 RP would be included in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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