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Best App to Set Border Edge Lightning (RBD) on Your Mobile Phone in 5 Easy Steps

Every gamer is habituated to play games with dim lights (red, green, blue) around them. When playing in your room, somehow you can manage through lights, bulbs etc. But what if I tell you that you can experience the same while you play on your mobile, by setting a RBD light for Border Edge Lighting?

Yes, In this article I’ll share with you about the “Best App to Set Border Edge Lighting (RBD) on Your Device in Minutes”, and also the steps required to set Lighting at the border edge of your phone.

There is one particular app named Edge Lighting Colors which allows you to do the same. Let’s get into it…and know about this more better!

Edge Lighting Colors App

This app is designed to set lighting at borders, themes, animations on your phone in RGB style. You can customize the settings of lights the way you need to get the vibes of playing when you actually play.

Till now more than 10,000,000 people have installed this around the globe to enjoy their gaming journey.

Now let’s have a look at some of the highlighted features of this app.

Different Vibrant Colors: You can set colors from red, blue, green which gives a vibrant look, then later customize your themes as well through this application.

Customizable: This app can customize lightning for more than 5 different parameters on different phones from height, width, notch, thickness and design. So, you don’t have to worry about the little things.

Versatile Features: You can adjust the level of border brightness and styles the way you need upto an extent to enjoy the game on your phone.

Borders Can be Formattable: I know it sucks having the same border colors everyday. This app has a wide selection of borders which can be formatable through different vibrant colors.

Below is the process to follow for enabling the light on the borders of your device.

How to Set Edge Lighting on a Phone in 5 Easy Steps

This one’s a pretty straightforward process,

Step-1: Download Edge Lighting Colors app through the PlayStore, or click on the Download button below.

Step-2: Once you open the app, you’ll get a number of themes that appear on your screen.

Step-3: Select the one you want for your borders. Naming is optional but you can do it just not to get confused.

Step-4: Once you set the name, move to other designing tools like border colours, style, border settings. Once you set it, click on the create button.

Step-5: Lastly, tap on the theme and click on the set option to set the border lightning of edges on your phone.

After you finish with these steps, go back to the home screen and check the lightning by playing a game.



In my view, every player must have this app for having a better experience while playing on their smartphone. The app mentioned above has every feature that can be customized to your choice of colors.

I hope this article might have helped you from choosing colors to setting themes on your phone. Follow each and every step mentioned above to set vibrant colored borders on the edges of your phone.

You made it to the end…! But why are you here yet? Download the app now and enjoy your game with the best effects that you always wanted!

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