Friday, April 12, 2024

Apple is Working on Two Foldable iPhone Prototypes, Claims Report

As we know Apple iPhones already have a huge fan base and were one of the most selling smartphone brands last year. Now the latest report suggests that the California-based company is planning to introduce Apple’s two foldable iPhone prototypes for users to attract more customers with the unique offerings. 

The reports also suggest that the company has already started working on Apple’s two foldable iPhones and one foldable iPad. However, the brand is not expected to introduce these in retail stores anytime soon.

Apple’s move into foldable space might still take a few more years to come into the market. And it seems Apple’s foldable iPad will lead the way instead of an iPhone, as per earlier reports.

Nevertheless, Apple isn’t ignoring the idea of foldable iPhones. The reports from The Information suggest that the company is still in the early stages of developing Apple’s two foldable iPhone prototypes. These prototypes reportedly include two designs resembling Z Flip models.

Furthermore, there are no official specifics about Apple’s foldable iPhone prototypes or how they would be positioned in the iPhone lineup. According to The Information, the business intends to introduce a foldable with an external display, but engineers are challenged to create such devices due to durability difficulties. The challenges with components like batteries and displays have seemingly made it hard for engineers to meet these goals.

The report also noted that Apple is working on foldable iPhone prototypes that are only half as thick as current models so that it doesn’t look too thick when it’s closed. The idea of including an external screen is also being investigated by the company.

However, using a foldable iPad appears to be a more achievable task. Apple is focusing on an inward-folding iPad with an 8-inch screen, similar to the size of an iPad mini. There are fewer concerns about durability and a thicker design due to the larger form factor.
It’s unclear whether the company has found an optimal solution to this issue. So, as of now, it appears that Apple’s two foldable iPhone prototypes and iPads are still a few years away from becoming a reality and aren’t slated for mass production in 2024 or 2025.

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