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6 YouTube channels to Watch Free Shows and Movies

The one app that hits your mind when you need any suggestions could definitely be YouTube, but a reason of its popularity it has been compiled with many channels, and you couldn’t adopt to one channel for any review or suggestions or any entertaining videos since there are few channels which even promote the fake products or some useless stuff and also post fake video with different movie names. There are few best YouTube channels to watch free shows and movies, and you can even get a good print of the videos in those channels.

In this article, we are introducing you to the 06 best YouTube channels to watch free shows and movies when you want to approach.

6 YouTube Channels to watch free Shows and Movies

You can watch your favourite shows and movies in the below listed YouTube Channels for free.

1. Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean is the official YouTube channel, which seems to have 24.8 million subscribers. This channel features the Mr. Bean series, where you can find all your favourite moments of Mr. Bean as well as his thrilling animated adventures. 

Mr. Bean is a terrific animated series that appeals to a wide range of children. Most of you have probably grown up watching the Mr. Bean series on television. If you want to relive those memories then subscribe to this channel. 

2. Movie Central

Movie Central is one of the best destinations to watch free shows and movies. It provides a detailed description that informs viewers that the channel’s entire programming is officially licensed, and offers one of the greatest formal channels to watch free online movies. You can watch any of the videos that have been uploaded for free and without a fear of disobedience. Movie Central publishes content on a daily basis, often multiple times a day. 

The occasional trailer or episode of a show can be found, but the majority of the videos are complete films. Every category has titles, so you can watch according to your interest.

3. Horror Central

Nowadays most of the youngsters are interested in horror movies. These are the movies which give you goosebumps, even if you are lying on a beach on a hot summer day thinking about them.

If you want to watch horror movies at night? I think Horror Central is the best option for you! Because it is a licensed official channel with full-length movies with HD print. So, you can watch your favourite horror movies anytime, anywhere. You can simply subscribe to this channel to get timely notifications.

4. Barbarella X: Science Fiction Movies

In every aspect, science fiction has created some of cinema’s most daring and magnificent flights. The category, which is sometimes dismissed as “kids’ crap,” aspires to go beyond the parochialism of most realist drama: to perceive other worlds and other existences, and so to see our own with a fresh, profoundly alienated vision. 

Barbarella X: Science Fiction Movies is one of the unique channels where you can  watch free realistic, adventures, fantasy movies and shows. It is a legally licensed channel on which you can watch all the movies and shows according to your interest. 

5. PizzaFlix

The PizzaFlix YouTube channel has something better than other channels. You can find uploads in a variety of genres, including comedy, action, thriller, romance, and much more. Animated features, documentary-style videos, and of course, full-length films are all available. 

PizzaFlix has a large collection of ‘antiquated’ black and white films that have been digitally restored so that you can enjoy them in the best possible quality. If you haven’t seen The Bat (1959) starring Vincent Price, go to the PizzaFlix channel and watch it. Everything on the channel is licensed and legal to watch, and you may save the videos for later watching.

6. Ultra Movie Parlour

Ultra Movie Parlour YouTube channel has a lot of full-length movies and a few trailers, and it’s so popular, with over 19 million subscribers and four billion channel views. Ultra Movie Parlour gives you a front-row ticket to the Indian entertainment scene.

Ultra Movie Parlour has over 1,500 films in comedy, drama, action, and just about any other genre you can think of. Because the uploads are quite consistent, the YouTube channel is a veritable gold mine of Indian movie entertainment. These channels upload super hit and HD quality films and shows on a daily or weekly basis.

Final Note

The above listed YouTube channels to watch free shows and movies are legally licensed. So, be at ease while watching them. 

YouTube has severe copyright policies, so channels and artists won’t be able to stay on this platform for long if they copy and promote their content illegally. So, be careful while promoting any content officially. But don’t think the platform is limited to just that. It also serves as a wonderful platform to watch free shows and movies. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some commonly asked questions about using YouTube channels to watch free shows and movies.

  1. Which is the best YouTube channel to watch movies?

In my opinion, Movie Central is the best option because you can watch all your favourite movies of your interest on this channel without the fear of disobedience.

  1. Is watching free movies and shows on YouTube legal?

You can watch movies on YouTube  legally and without any pay. YouTube unexpectedly launched its first series of free, ad-supported movies in October 2018. However, the current version can be found in the “Free to Watch” category.

  1. Where can I find free full-length movies on YouTube?

You can find free full-length movies on Mr. Bean, Movie Central, Ultra Movie Parlour, PizzaFlix, Barbarella X: Science Fiction Movies and Horror Central as these all are officially licensed channels, you can watch movies without any worry.

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