Saturday, June 22, 2024

YouTube Declares Expanded Roll-Out Of Its Live-Stream Guests Feature

YouTube has declared to open up its option ‘Go Live Together‘ to more users from upcoming weeks. This option provides many creative considerations for people on live-stream. In March, YouTube had already begun testing the option Go Live Together with a few creators. Currently, YouTube is looking to take it forward. 

This ‘Go Live Together’ feature enables you to invite other YouTube users to the stream. In this option, video gets displayed in the vertical split screen and provides new interactions and engagements during a live broadcast. This opens up many new opportunities for many brands in running live interviews or internal spotlight sessions on user’s YouTube channels.

Hosts can have the ability to rotate the guest on their live-stream. But only one guest can take part in the broadcast. The host will also be able to screen guests before going live, while the user information and guest channel remains hidden during the stream. YouTube also allows pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads on Go Live Together streams. This gets attributed to the host channel of the broadcast.

YouTube said that all the channels with at least 50 subscribers will soon be able to launch a Live Together stream. This begins roll-out beginning next week. Although YouTube said that it may take a few weeks to become available to all the YouTube users.

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