Sunday, April 14, 2024

WhatsApp Users can Now Share Up to 100 Photos And Videos at A Time

After the most recent update of WhatsApp, users can now send upto 100 photos/videos, have longer subjects and descriptions for groups and add captions to documents. The feature for creating an Avatar will be available for iOS users.

The newest update of WhatsApp brings good news for its users. The previous file limit that could be shared at a time was 30, which caused inconvenience to some users. But with this new update you can share upto 100 photos and videos all at once!

The new update lets you add captions while sharing documents. This is really useful when referring back to the document. Being able to get an understanding of its contents without having to open the file is also another advantage that comes with this.

For those who love creating groups for every occasion, the latest WhatsApp update has some great news! The new feature lets you  have longer subjects and descriptions for your group. This gives you room to better describe your group as there’s no limit for character count either.

But the coolest of all is the new Avatar feature. You can create your own personalised avatar and use it as your profile picture or stickers. Just go to WhatsApp settings, choose the ‘Avatar’ option and start exploring. 

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All the new features mentioned above are available for both iOS and Android.

Lastly, the Picture-in-Picture feature for video calls, which is already available in Android, is going to be available for iOS too. With this new update iPhone users can use any other app while being engaged in a video call.

In conclusion the new WhatsApp update, specially the ability to share upto 100 photos and videos, is going to be a game changer.

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