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WhatsApp Down – Indian Users Face Video Download Issues

43 percent of Indian WhatsApp users have reported through Twitter technical issues within the popular messaging app. Downdetector reported outages that started last night and continued today. Almost half of Indian WhatsApp users have issues with videos shared through the app. It also appears that Android beta users are most impacted by the outage.

As the Indian WhatsApp server is down, 41 percent of the issues reported are assumed to be caused by faults with the server connection. However, 16 percent of Indian WhatsApp users facing difficulties have reported issues in sending messages as a whole.

It is not the first time that such an outage has occurred. In October last year, WhatsApp went down for around 2 hours, but causing disruption on a  larger scale, affecting India, Europe and other parts of the world. 

Whatsapp has not yet addressed the issue. But it must be noted that the app is currently testing a new messaging function. Thus, there is a possibility that the testing process could be the root of  the issue faced by Android beta users.

A temporary solution for the video download issues on WhatsApp is to try downloading the videos using WhatsApp Online and WhatsApp Desktop for Windows. 

WhatsApp is also actively working on a new feature that will allow users to send voice messages and 60-second long short videos. A ‘video message’ will show up on the chat list whenever a user receives a video message.  

This new feature on WhatsApp would be different from the existing video sharing options, its main difference being the ability to record and send videos in real-time in the newest video message feature. This update will make videos more personal and ,thus, more authentic.

Additionally, video messages will be end-to-end encrypted and users will be unable to save and forward such messages. Therefore, video sharing will be more secure.But, one hopes that the issues Indian users have with WhatsApp video will be resolved as soon as possible so that Indian WhatsApp users can salvage the full benefits of upcoming features.

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