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Flipkart Customers Receive defective iPhone 15 with Fake Battery

A Flipkart customer, Ajay Rajawat, is upset after buying an iPhone 15 during a sale. He shared on social media that he got a broken phone with a fake battery. Even though he gave his order ID, Flipkart won’t replace it. This is not the first time; another person had a similar problem with Flipkart. They received a damaged product but didn’t get a replacement or refund for a long time.

The Bad Experience

On January 13, Ajay Rajawat ordered the iPhone 15 from Flipkart. It was supposed to be a happy moment, but when he got it on January 15, things went wrong. The iPhone didn’t work, and the box it came in looked fake. Rajawat even shared a picture showing that the iPhone couldn’t prove it had a real Apple battery.

Flipkart’s Reply

After Rajawat complained on social media, Flipkart said sorry. They promised to fix the problem if Rajawat shared his order ID privately. They also warned against responding to fake accounts pretending to be Flipkart.

Other Complaints

Sadly, Rajawat’s case is not the only one. Another person faced a similar problem with a kitchen chimney from Flipkart. They got a broken chimney on October 6, but Flipkart didn’t replace it or give a refund for 13 days. This is making people worry about Flipkart’s promise of good service.

Why It Matters

Customers like Rajawat expect a good shopping experience, but these incidents show Flipkart is struggling to keep its promise. Bad products and slow customer service can make people lose trust in Flipkart. It could also hurt the company’s reputation and make people think twice before shopping there.

What Flipkart Needs to Do

Flipkart needs to fix these problems quickly to make customers happy again. The company must check products better before sending them out. Fixing issues fast and showing they care about customers will help Flipkart regain trust.

In Conclusion

Ajay Rajawat’s story about getting a broken iPhone 15 from Flipkart is a big problem for the company. It shows they need to do more to make sure products are good and customers are happy. Flipkart must work hard to fix these problems and become a trusted place for people to shop.

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