Tuesday, June 25, 2024

WhatsApp Channels Get Exciting Features: Voice Notes, Polls, and More

WhatsApp Channels just got a cool makeover! Now, you can use voice notes, polls, and have more admins. These changes make it easier for people in charge and those following the channel. The new look for sharing content makes it clear that it’s from a specific channel. WhatsApp Channels is super popular with 500 million users, including celebrities and big brands. The upgrades will soon be available for everyone on Android, iOS, and the web, making it a fun and smooth experience for users.

Cool New Features

Better Status Updates: Now, when you share something on your channel, it looks extra cool on your status. They made it special so everyone knows it’s from your channel.

  1. Voice Notes: You can now send voice messages on your channel. That means you can talk to your followers, and they can hear your voice. It’s like leaving a voice message for a friend.
  1. Polls: You can ask your followers questions with polls. It’s like voting on your favourite game or movie. Even Mark Zuckerberg did it on his channel!
  1. More Admins: If you have a group, now you can have up to 16 leaders. It’s like having more friends help you run things and share cool updates.

Why People Love It

Celebrities like Telugu actor Ram Charan are excited to connect with fans. Mumbai Indians think it’s a game-changer to talk directly to their fans worldwide. It’s like having a private chat with lots of people!

Coming to Your Phone Soon!

These new features will soon come to your phone, whether it’s Android or iPhone. So get ready for more fun and cool stuff on WhatsApp Channels!

In short, WhatsApp Channels is getting cooler with voice notes, polls, and more admins. It’s like a private party where you can talk, ask questions, and share cool updates with lots of friends! Get ready for the fun!

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