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Track Your Lost Phone With Hammer Security App

Having an anti theft app to detect your lost mobile is such a useful thing these days. Hammer Security is an app that helps you track your Lost mobile and takes you to the thief within no time.

It becomes very tricky and complicated sometimes to get back your lost phone as the thief may switch off the phone or do some other activities that help him escape in some way. Hence it’s good to have an app installed on your device that offers the best features and super tracking facility with which you can get your lost phone back. Here you can know everything about the Hammer Security App.

Features Offered by the Hammer Security App

Being a detective app it offers handsome Features which makes the app worthy to use. Let’s have a glance at the features offered by the anti theft app, the Hammer Security App here.

Fake Airplane Mode 

To prevent getting trapped most people will just enable Airplane Mode. The Hammer Security App enables the fake Airplane Mode which doesn’t disturb its works of sharing the live location, photos or any audios to the emergency numbers saved on your mobile.

Fake Shutdown

Shutting down the device is another way to escape and which most thieves adopt too. Many tracking apps don’t work when the mobile is shut down. But thank God for the Hammer Security App as it allows fake shut down and carries its work of sharing all the information to the emergency contacts in the backend.

Car Collision Detector

Apart from finding your lost phone the app also helps you in situations like car collisions. The app connects with all the emergency contacts in the case of car collisions and get them know your live location so that your beloved can reach you as soon as possible.

Trespasser Selfie

When someone randomly tries to unlock your mobile multiple times and fails in it the app detects it. The Hammer Security App takes the selfie of the person trying to unlock the phone and mails you.

Low Battery SMS

The app also takes care of your battery. It informs all your emergency contacts when your phone is running out of its battery. This helps the person to contact you soon in case they have some important work to discuss.

Apart from the above the app also provides other features like panic button, app lock, emergency contacts etc. This sounds interesting! Isn’t it? These many features within a single anti theft app is really awful. 


Final Note

If you are very much concerned with your phone’s safety and security then don’t wait too long to download the app on your device. As well as the phone’s safety the app also provides your personal safety and therefore it’s good to have it with you. With the amazing features it leaves the other anti theft apps behind and hence the Hammer Security can be the best tracking app for your lost phone.

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