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Top 5 Car Dash Cams: For Your Safety

If you are searching for top car Dash Cams! Then all your worries will be solved by this post. So go through it!

Every car owner or a person using a car is always worried about the security of the car and also ensures to avoid the damages caused while reversing the car. Dashcams are the only solution for the above and also ensures the safety of the car. Dashcams are a digital video recorder (DVR) which can be  fixed near the dashboard or on the windscreen and continuously record the view through the glass of a windscreen. 

It also helps to record the incidents happening in front and back of the car, many of the robbery issues and cause of accidents have been sorted by these dashcams. Dashcams also can store the GPS data of the car travelled and also can determine the dynamics of the vehicle. 

Top Car Dash Cams

The rash driving is the common problem you experience in day to day life. To avoid this, Dashcams came up with security features. The below list will help you in choosing your secured ones.

1.Garmin Dash Cam 67W

This updated version of the Garmin Dash Cam 67W, comes with new capabilities including live view monitoring to check on your car from a distance and a parking guard feature to warn you of parking lot infractions by sending notification to your smartphone. The Garmin Dash Cam 67W is a true dash cam which is small and simple to use, with a  good selection of useful features, and captures high-quality video. It is really considered as the top Car Dashcam for its excellent mounting setup.

The tiny Garmin 67W came up with all the best features of  adding vault storage footage backup and the ability to access the camera from anywhere in the world via Garmin’s smartphone app. It is capable of recording 1440p HD footage in low light, cloudy and in daylight situations.

It also has automatic access to incident video storage in the Garmin Vault with the Garmin Drive app. Live view of the photographs captured at any time with the Garmin Drive app. It also warns the driver for traffic violations such as lane departure, forward collision, and red light cameras.


Vantage point: 180 degrees

Camera: 3.7-megapixel camera

battery life: For 30min

Dimensions: 2-5/16″W- x 1-5/8″H x 1-3/8″D

Guarantee: 1year warranty with 60 days money back

2.Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2

The Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 is the cheapest and most used dash cam with a size of a car key fob, this indicates that it may be safely placed away behind your car’s rear view mirror, in order to avoid obstructing the driver’s view.

It records video at 720 and 1080p Full HD with HDR and is simple to set up. Another key feature of this Garmin is voice control, if you say “OK Garmin,” then the dash camera will immediately beep to let you know it is listening. Last but not least all  videos can be uploaded to Garmin’s Vault service, which stores them for 24 hours without any payment. To increase the storage time of videos monthly subscriptions are also available.


Vantage point: 149 degrees 

Screen Size: 2 Inches

Video Capture Resolution: 1080p

Weight: 32.1g

Dimensions: 3.13 x 5.33 x 2.91cm

Battery voltage: 12V

3.Nextbase 622GW

The Nextbase 622GW is a robust 4K dashcam with added features like picture stabilization, Alexa and SOS emergency response. A unique magnetic windscreen mount with built-in GPS allows you for simple setup of the camera. 

You can capture the video using a 140-degree, six-layer lens with an f/1.3 aperture and a polarising filter. The dash cam’s software has tools for improving video quality during night time and stormy weather. Although audio can be saved, you can also prefer to turn this feature off to safeguard your privacy.

The user interface will be accessed with a 3-inch HD IPS touch screen located on the back. The 622GW lacks a battery, so it can be connected to a USB port, a 12V lighter socket, or the car’s fuse box using a hard-wiring kit that is available separately.


Vantage point: 140 degrees 

Integrated GPS: Yes

Screen: 3-inch HD IPS touchscreen

4.Thinkware Q800 Pro

The video resolution of this dash cam is one of its standout qualities in reaching as one of the top Dashcams. Most cameras record videos at Full HD with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, but the Thinkware Q800 Pro surpasses this with its 2K resolution of 2560 x 1440. This means more pixels for capturing the videos for more detail, which could be helpful to prove the  innocence after an incident.

Other features include a variety of driving aid systems, inbuilt GPS for adding position and speed data recordings, Wi-Fi for transferring and uploading footage, and much more. These include notifications when a speed camera is active and when the car in front of you has started moving.


Vantage point: 140 degrees

Dimensions: 1.18″D x 4.21″W x 2.38″H

Weight: 107.5 grams

Screen Size: 2Inches

Resolution of video capture: 2K

5.Miofive 4K Dash Cam

A successful Kickstarter crowd-funding effort that finished in 2021 came up with the Miofive 4K dash cam. The main benefit of this device is its 4K UHD resolution. It also has a 2.2-inch IPS display, GPS, fast 5GHz Wi-Fi for transferring footage to the company’s smartphone app, and 64GB of integrated storage.

Additional features include Sony Starvis night vision technology and a 7-element lens with a 140 degree vantage point(field of view).


Video Capture resolution: 1080p, 4K 

Dimensions:  2.95″D x 4.57″W x 2.05″H Weight: 4.94 Ounces 

Screen Size: 2.2 

Last Note

Be careful on the roads while driving! As your family members and close ones are waiting for you at home because even a small mistake can cause a huge impact in your family. Keeping your safety in mind we provided you with Top car Dash Cams. This will make your choice easy.

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