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Top 5 Best MacBook Accessories You Must Try

Are you a MacBook user? Then, this post is for you. Are you excited to get kitted up with the best MacBook accessories available in the market? Starting from chargers, cases to docks and many more. Here is the solution for you. This post helps you to grab the best MacBook accessories for your laptop. 

Having a MacBook is good but without having accessories to it is not that good. To take advantage of these best available accessories, go through the post till the end. The latest MacBook accessories offer compact form, oodles of power in sleek. You will need extra add ons to your MacBook whether it might be a charger or when you want to hook up to more devices.

In this post below, we will go around the best top 05 picks of MacBook accessories to grab!

Top 5 MacBook Accessories in 2022

The MacBook itself is not an island. Apple laptops make their own productive power house all by itself. But you just need some extra hardwares to most of it. These accessories will make your MacBook more protective, attractive and they are easy to handle as well.

Ready to grab your pick! We have collected a variety of best MacBook accessories which may turn your life by saving your time. Without being late, Let’s go through the accessory items.

  • Nonda USB-C to USB Adapter
  • Anker 8-in-2 USB-C Hub
  • Mophie 3-in-1
  • WD Black P50 Game Drive Portable External SSD
  • RAVPower PD Pioneer 20,000mAh 60-Watt Portable Charger.

Nonda USB-C to USB Adapter:

Nonda USB-C to USB Adapter is the best USB Type-C to Type-A adapter. This adapter serves as a widely popular accessory for MacBook users. This adapter is an alloy-cased, gray coloured and spaced adapter. The aesthetics of this adapter matches modern apple laptops. This Nonda USB-C to USB adapter has a wonderful specification. It can transfer data which speeds up to 5Gbps. This accessory is the most necessary thing you need to purchase as it is cost-friendly. 

Anker 8-in-2 USB-C HUB:

Anker 8-in-2 USB-C HUB is the best USB-C HUB as a MacBook accessory. If you purchase this accessory, then there won’t be any need to carry multiple adapters. This Anker 8-in-2 USB-C HUB consists of multiple ports and it solely can replace many adapters. When it is plugged into your Apple laptop, it can provide 8 connectivity options. 

The connectivity options are a multi-function USB-C port, a USB-C data port, an SD card slot, a HDMI port, one microSD card slot, a Lightning audio port, and two USB-A ports. The HDMI port is used to deliver 4k resolution at 30Hz and the multi function USB-C port can deliver 5k resolution at 60Hz to the external monitors. 

Mophie 3-in-1:



Mophie 3-in-1 is the best available wireless charging dock for Apple products. If you are an Apple products user, then you will appreciate this way to work on all your products i.e; MacBook Air or Pro, iWatch, airpods and iPhone watch together at the same time. Mophie 3-in-1 is a Qi-compatible wireless charging pad which can charge all your Apple products very fast. 

This product is covered with premium ultrasuede fabric which is used to prevent scratches to your costlier Apple products. This Mophie 3-in-1 is developed to deliver 7.5watts of power to your iPhone. This product also can charge through phone cases of thickness about 3mm. It also lets us use your Apple watch and Airpods in the night stand mode.

WD Black P50 Game Drive Portable External SSD:

WD Black P50 Game Drive Portable External SSD is the most frequently used best USB Type-C external SSD. Having high resolution photos and massive videos can lead to storage issues. Some people have cloud storage as the ideal solution. But sometimes the most wanted thing is having a local storage option when there is no broadband internet connection or Wi-Fi.

The best versions of WD Black P50 Game Drive Portable External SSD are 500GB or 1TB versions. This is a solid-state drive which can transfer the data at the high speeds of 2,000 MBps. This external SSD is constructed with rugged aluminium and this is the best option for mobile users. This WD Black P50 Game Drive Portable External SSD is also compatible with PS5.

RAVPower PD Pioneer 20,000mAh 60-Watt Portable Charger:

RAVPower PD Pioneer 20,000mAh 60-Watt portable charger is the best USB-C battery pack for Apple product users. Have you been in a situation like travelling with your MacBook with almost dead battery and had to submit an important assignment in a few minutes without having no power supply aside? Don’t worry I have the solution for you. You just need to carry this portable RAVPower PD Pioneer 20,000mAh 60-Watt portable charger. 

This portable charger has two ports, one is for power delivery and the other is for quick charge. These two ports are useful to charge both your iPhone  and laptop simultaneously. Its power delivery output is 60-Watts and is as efficient as the original mobile charger.  It has high capacity and it takes only one hour to charge your MacBook to 60%.

Wrapping Up

I hope this might be a very helpful post to the Apple product users, especially who use multiple Apple products. The above post has an amazing list of best MacBook accessories (top 05) to buy in 2022. The ones who are still in dilemma and thinking what to purchase, then this post will be a life turning one.

What are you still waiting for ? Go through the above post for best MacBook accessories that too the post is enlisted with the inexpensive ones. Hurry up and start grabbing the best accessory for your MacBook. Not only MacBook, this post is for the ones who are Apple product users whether it might be an iPhone, iWatch, airpods, etc.

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