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Security Alert: Apple’s iOS 17.1 Update Comes with a Warning – What’s Behind It?

Apple iOS 17.1 update comes with a warning Is it beneficial to update your iPhone to iOS 17.1? Well, Apple has released the Apple iOS 17.1 update in order to fix the flaws recounted in the previous updates. But the update is not found to be compatible with all the versions of iPhone and therefore carries a warning.

However, coming to the benefits, the Apple iOS 17.1 update mainly covers four aspects. Firstly, it was reported that iPhone 12 was emitting a huge amount of radio-frequency which is thought to be harmful. But with the latest Apple iOS 17.1 update this issue is fixed. Secondly, Apple iOS 17.1 update has got a new feature especially for always on-display iPhone, it includes new StandBy settings that allows users to set it to 20 seconds, never or automatically.

Thirdly, an update on Apple music! This helps users to make their music search faster and add their favorite music to the list of favorite songs. Finally, the last update of Apple iOS 17.1 is the Airdrop extension, which means users can now transfer files even when they go out of the airdrop range with the help of cellular data.

Apple iOS 17.1 Update Warning – What’s the Buzz

Having discussed all the benefits of Apple iOS 17.1 it’s high time to get on to the issue of concern – Apple iOS 17.1 update warning! According to a self-proclaimed former Apple sales specialist, named Tyler Morgan the iOS 17.1 update is not compatible with the older iPhone models.

He claims that the users who have installed the Apple iOS 17.1 on their devices which are older than iPhone 13 have faced certain issues. The issues could be app crashing, sluggish performance in media apps like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Netflix. And apart from these there were issues related to WiFi connectivity. 

Apart from these, to protect your device from hackers and leaking your personal information Apple iOS 17.1 update would be necessary. Except for the incompatibility with the older versions there’s nothing major loss with the new software update. Hence, Wright recommends the apple users to install the new Apple iOS 17.1 update on their devices and protect their personal details from attackers. 

To install the new software update just hover over your device settings, click on general and finally, select software update. Make sure your device charge is above 20% if not keep it on charge and then go with the new software installation.

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