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Samsung wants to Build More Semiconductor Manufacturing Plants in US

Samsung Electronics has announced its plans to construct additional semiconductor manufacturing plants in the United States, aiming to strengthen its position in the global semiconductor market and meet the increasing demand for semiconductors.

This strategic expansion initiative not only benefits Samsung but also contributes to the US economy by creating job opportunities and fostering technological innovation.

The global demand for semiconductors has been on the rise, driven by advancements in industries such as automotive, telecommunications, and consumer electronics. By expanding its production capacity through new manufacturing plants in the US, Samsung aims to ensure a stable supply chain for its customers and capitalise on the growing demand.

Also, the company believes that government subsidies can help to compensate for the cost difference in the construction of sites in other parts of Asia. The whole details was shared by Jon Taylor, Corporate Vice President of Production Organization.

These new plants to be built in Texas, aims to meet the demands for semiconductors in the United States.

This new strategic expansion initiative costs around $17 billion. The South Korean Company is willing to invest more than half of this amount ($11 billion) in the purchase of the equipment required for this project.

Samsung plans to launch a state-of-the-art contract manufacturing facility for semiconductor products next year. Samsung aims to lead the semiconductors market by reducing reliance on overseas suppliers by the end of the decade.

Samsung’s expanded presence in the US semiconductor market will also drive technological advancements and foster innovation.

TSMC, a Taiwanese corporation, is the market leader at the moment. Intel has also made a strategy to compete for one of the top two spots at the same time.


Samsung Electronics’ plans to build more semiconductor manufacturing plants in the US, signify a significant step towards solidifying its global position in the semiconductor market. This strategic move sets the stage for a promising future for Samsung and the US technology industry as a whole.

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