Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Samsung Internet Update Enhances User Accessibility to Samsung Account

Samsung recently updated its Internet app to make things simpler for users. Now, when you update to version, you’ll notice a small change. Your Samsung account picture will be on the right side of the address bar. This little picture is like a quick button that takes you straight to your Samsung account page. There, you can do important things like changing your picture, managing payments, and settings for Samsung Pass and other Samsung apps.

Profile Picture Shortcut for Instant Access

It’s kind of like what Chrome does for Google accounts. The picture button only shows up when the search bar is empty. If you search for something, it goes away, and you have to go back to the homepage to see it again.

Exclusive Features for Galaxy S24 Users

If you have the new Galaxy S24, you get even more cool stuff with the Samsung Internet update. Now, you can use AI to summarise web pages, and the language translation got better too. These special features might also come to other Galaxy devices soon.


So, the Samsung Internet update is all about making things easy for you. If you’re using a Samsung phone, keep an eye out for these changes and enjoy a smoother experience. More updates could be on the way to make your browsing even better!

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