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Samsung and SK Hynix Unleash On-Sensor AI for Next-Gen Cameras

Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix are preparing to introduce “on-sensor AI” capabilities in their next-gen camera sensors to challenge Sony’s dominance in the rapidly advancing next-generation market. This cutting-edge approach integrates an image sensor directly onto an AI chip, reducing power consumption and processing time.


Samsung is ambitiously eyeing 2027 as the year to unveil image sensors capable of detecting the unseen, aligning with their long-term vision to commercialise “Humanoid Sensors.” The move towards on-sensor AI is a strategic response to evolving market needs, expanding the application of on-sensor AI beyond mobile devices to robotics, autonomous vehicles, and extended reality devices.

On-Sensor AI Released

Introducing their most recent forward leaps at the “SK Tech Highest point 2023,” SK Hynix exhibited the ability of on-sensor AI technology. Dissimilar to traditional sensors that transfer image information to the computer processor for processing, this state of the art approach coordinates an image sensor straightforwardly onto an AI chip. The outcome is a smoothed out process that diminishes power consumption and processing time, preparing for headways in the Web of Things (IoT) and smart home applications.

A Brief look into What’s in store

Samsung is aggressively looking at 2027 as the year to disclose image sensors equipped for distinguishing the inconspicuous, lining up with their long-term vision to market “Humanoid Sensors.” These sensors aim to recreate human detects, denoting a critical step towards proactive AI. SK Hynix’s presentations at key academic conferences have highlighted their obligation to on-sensor AI, accentuating the integration of AI software and lightweighting strategies.

Beyond Portable

The move towards on-sensor AI isn’t simply an innovative jump however an essential response to developing market needs. Directly following the difficulties presented by COVID-19, Samsung is entering another advancement stage, extending the application of on-sensor AI beyond cell phones. The concentrate presently reaches out to advanced mechanics, autonomous vehicles, and expanded reality gadgets.

Taking advantage of Chances, Growing Market Share

The concerted endeavours of Samsung and SK Hynix in creating on-sensor AI technology are key moves to profit by arising AI-related requests and reinforce their market presence. As the business goes through a groundbreaking stage, these innovations are positioned to assume an urgent part in reshaping photography as well as saturating into different sectors like mechanical technology, autonomous vehicles, and broadened reality gadgets.

In the race for matchless quality, Samsung and SK Hynix are not just getting up to speed; they are ready to establish the rhythm for the next period of AI-driven image sensor advances.

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