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Samsung Adds Boosteroid Cloud Gaming, Expands Game Streaming to More Devices in USA

Samsung Electronics has expanded its cloud gaming reach in the USA through a partnership with Boosteroid, a leading cloud gaming provider. This collaboration aims to offer extensive game choices on Samsung Smart TVs, monitors, and projectors, providing millions of players with access to high-end video games through the Samsung Gaming Hub. The Boosteroid cloud gaming service joins other prominent platforms such as Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Amazon Luna, Utomik, and Antstream Arcade, enhancing the gaming experience for Samsung users.

Samsung’s initiative to integrate Boosteroid into its Gaming Hub reflects the increasing popularity of game streaming and the company’s commitment to providing players with more ways to discover and play their favorite games. Mike Lucero, Head of Gaming for Samsung Electronics America, emphasized the significance of this expansion, stating, “Samsung Gaming Hub continues to provide high-quality game-streaming to give players more ways to discover and play the games they love”.

Vlad Kosmin, Corporate Vice President for Boosteroid, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the seamless access to high-end gaming rigs through the cloud, which allows for unlimited AAA gaming. He described Samsung Gaming Hub as a dream platform for their players, as it eliminates barriers to entry with no downloads and no requirement for consoles or PCs.

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The addition of Boosteroid to Samsung’s Gaming Hub is a significant development for the cloud gaming landscape, particularly for owners of older Samsung smart TVs. The integration of cloud gaming apps, including Boosteroid, Xbox Game Pass, NVIDIA GeForce Now, and Amazon Luna, on 2020 model-year smart TVs expands the gaming options for users without the need for additional hardware or consoles.

In conclusion, Samsung’s collaboration with Boosteroid represents a major step in expanding the availability of cloud gaming services in the USA. This partnership underscores Samsung’s commitment to providing a diverse and high-quality gaming experience for its users, further solidifying its position in the gaming industry.

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