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Receiving International WhatsApp Calls and Messages: Be Careful! This is a Scam

Here is the most commonly known scam for WhatsApp users these days. Have you ever experienced receiving international WhatsApp calls and messages from unknown numbers? Beware this means that you are targeted by some scammers.

Majority of these WhatsApp calling and messaging numbers look like +251:Ethiopia, +60:Malaysia, +62:Indonesia, +254:Kenya, and +84:Vietnam. Since, they carry the country codes, it doesn’t mean that they’re dialling from the same country. Because WhatsApp calling can be done through the internet. There are many agencies present which sell various international numbers for WhatsApp calling in various cities.

By chance, if you answer any of these messages or calls on WhatsApp, the other person calling you would offer a job that sounds easy and comfortable and many of us would say yes to this. But eventually, this results in complete loss of your money. Because this is totally a Scam!

The person on the other side usually pretends that he/she is from a well recognised and high standard company, offering part-time jobs which can even be done from home. They may also make fake statements that you’ll get a huge income with less work, etc. In most of the cases, they first gain trust from the people by offering them a small reward for completing a simple activity. Once the user claims money, they usually start trusting the fake employers. Finally, they will get caught up in a huge scam which costs them more and more money.
This fake WhatsApp calling is only received by users who run out of the blue. The best advice to get rid of this fake WhatsApp calling is to simply reject or ignore the call. Many Users usually block and report these mobile numbers. Yeah, this also serves as the best option to get rid of fake WhatsApp calling and messaging.

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