Friday, April 12, 2024

Realme Link Update Fixes Bugs and Improves UI

The Chinese tech giant Realme is releasing a new Realme Link update that fixes some known bugs

The Realme Link app is an application that is committed to making the lives of its users convenient, comfortable and healthy. But lately, due to some bugs affecting the performance of the app, Realme is releasing the Realme Link app, which will release in April 2023. The Realme Link update installation package is 83.62 MB.

The Realme Link new update does not contain new features or changes to the app. Instead, it optimises the Realme Link old version and makes it more stable.  The latest Realme Link 3.0 is available on the Play Store . Realme devices that run on Android or later versions are compatible with it. 

So, what are the new Realme Link updates that make the user experience even better with this new update?

  • The Realme Link UI bug has been fixed and stabilised. In addition, Realme has released a brand-new user interface design that makes the new user experience much more immersive
  • Realme has also introduces a “Ranking” feature to the ‘Workout” page but this is available only in some regions
  • The design of the “Health” page has been improved for better visualisation.
  • The user interface design on the activity details page has also been improved. In addition, it provides data analysis with more accuracy and detail.
  • The “My Devices” has been placed with the “Scenes” tab together on the “Home” page for more control
  • As an additional bonus, users can now choose their own background on the “Home” page

Thus, the Realme Link new update fixes bugs in addition to improving the user experience of Realme consumers. The Realme Link app helps Realme users manage their Smart House, find newly launched products, interesting information and records your daily activities and monitors your mental and physical health. The Realme Link update is guaranteed to make the Realme user experience much better and coherent.

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