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One UI 6.1 Update Tracker for Samsung: Features, Release Date, and Device List

One UI 6.1 update tracker for Samsung is the most awaited update and a significant iteration of Samsung’s proprietary user interface. In the fast-evolving landscape of smartphone technology, Samsung users are eagerly anticipating the latest software updates that promise enhanced features and improved user experiences. 


In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the features, expected release dates, and the devices slated to receive the One UI 6.1 update tracker for Samsung.

Features of One UI 6.1 Update Tracker for Samsung 

Here are a few most interesting features of One UI 6.1 Update Tracker for Samsung.

01. Revamped User Interface:

One UI 6.1 update tracker for Samsung is expected to bring a refreshed user interface, offering a more intuitive and visually appealing design. Samsung has been consistently refining its UI, aiming for a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

02. Enhanced Multitasking:

Samsung is known for its multitasking capabilities, and the One UI 6.1 update tracker for Samsung is likely to take it a step further. Expect improvements in split-screen functionalities and enhanced app-switching options, catering to users who demand productivity on the go.

03. Performance Boosts:

With each software update, Samsung strives to optimise device performance. One UI 6.1 update tracker for Samsung is anticipated to bring performance boosts, ensuring that your Samsung smartphone runs smoother and faster, even with resource-intensive applications.

04. Extended Theme Options:

Personalization is key, and Samsung understands the importance of allowing users to tailor their devices to suit their preferences. One UI 6.1 update tracker for Samsung is expected to introduce additional theme options, enabling users to customise their smartphones according to their unique style.

05. Improved Camera Features:

Samsung places a strong emphasis on smartphone photography. The One UI 6.1 update tracker for Samsung is likely to enhance camera features, introducing improvements in image processing, AI capabilities, and possibly adding new modes to elevate your photography experience.

06. Battery Optimization:

One of the critical aspects of any software update is battery optimization. One UI 6.1 update tracker for Samsung aims to improve power management, extending battery life and ensuring that users can make the most of their devices throughout the day.

Release Date

While Samsung has not officially announced the release date for One UI 6.1 update tracker, the company typically follows a staged rollout pattern. Flagship devices are likely to receive the update first, followed by mid-range and budget-friendly smartphones. Samsung often provides insights into the update schedule through official channels, so users are encouraged to stay tuned to announcements on Samsung’s website or community forums.

One UI 6.1 Update Device List

Samsung’s commitment to providing timely updates extends across a range of devices. While not an exhaustive list, some of the devices expected to receive the One UI 6.1 update include:

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 series
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 series
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3
  • Samsung Galaxy A series(selected models)

It’s important to note that the availability of updates can vary based on regions and carrier-specific approvals. Users can check for updates manually through their device settings to see if the One UI 6.1 update is available for download.


The One UI 6.1 update tracker for Samsung smartphones is poised to elevate the user experience to new heights. From a revamped interface to enhanced performance and camera features, users can look forward to a more polished and feature-rich smartphone experience. Stay informed, stay updated, and get ready to explore the next chapter in Samsung’s software evolution.

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