Saturday, May 18, 2024

One UI 6.1 Unleashes Exclusive Quick Share and Super HDR Features on Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

The new Samsung Galaxy S24 series comes with some cool features like Quick Share and Super HDR, making file sharing and picture-taking way better. Quick Share, a standout feature in One UI 6.1, lets you send big files really quickly. Super HDR, which uses Google’s special format, makes your pictures look amazing and is even going to work with apps like Instagram and Snapchat. While Quick Share and Super HDR are currently only on the Galaxy S24 series, people are wondering if they might be available on other Samsung phones later on.

Quick Share Makes Sharing Files Fast

One UI 6.1 brings a feature called Quick Share. It’s like Google’s Nearby Share, but even faster. If you have big files to share, Quick Share on the Galaxy S24 can do it really quickly.

Super HDR – Better Pictures for You

The Galaxy S24 introduces Super HDR, shown off at a recent event. This feature makes your pictures look amazing by using something called Google’s Ultra HDR format. It works with apps like Google Photos and Google Messages, and Samsung is talking to Instagram and Snapchat to make it work there too.

Cool Camera Features for Social Media

The Galaxy S24 series is not just about Super HDR. It’s also getting special camera features for popular apps like Instagram and Snapchat. So, when you take pictures or videos on these apps, things like Night mode and better video quality will make your posts look awesome.

What’s Next for Quick Share and Super HDR?

Right now, only the Galaxy S24 series has Quick Share and Super HDR. But maybe, in the future, Samsung will share these cool features with other phones they make. This is something to look forward to!


The new Galaxy S24 series with One UI 6.1 is all about making your phone experience even better. Quick Share and Super HDR are like the superheroes of features, making file sharing fast and pictures look fantastic. As Samsung keeps moving forward, who knows what exciting things they’ll bring to all their phones next!

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