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How to Open Bin Files on Your Android Device

When you try opening a bin file on android, it may seem very complicated as it involves so many codes which are complex to understand. In some cases they may even go corrupt and don’t work anymore.

By the end of this article, you’ll get to know the complete process of “How to open a bin file in Android?”

What Is Meant By Bin File?

Bin file is the combination of your older file information which is reserved in the form of binary codes. They come from CDs or DVDs. In simple words, a combination of binary codes can be called a Bin file.

It is not possible to open them, so you need to burn/mount the disc in order to use the virtual drive.

Another method can be converting the file in different modes. After converting him, you’ll be able to use the file properly.

Let’s look in detail about each and every method…

How To Find a Bin File?

  • Run the powerISO
  • Click on “open” option
  • Choose the file
  • Open menu
  • Select the bin file you want to open

How To Convert A Bin File Into ISO?

Before trying any of the methods mentioned below, you first have to convert the Bin file into ISO which makes the whole process convenient.

Step 01: Select a conversion program to convert a Bin file into ISO. After changing it to an ISO file, you can mount or burn it with many programs also.

Step 02: Open the menu in your selected converter tool then click “Bin to ISO file”

Step 03: Rename the new ISO file

Step 04: Tap on “convert” which may take a few minutes to convert into an ISO file.

Once you’re done with converting, continue with Mounting and Burning.

Method-1: Burning

Step 01: Step one, is to first find your file before you burn a particular CD or DVD.

Step 02: Create a CUE file

Steps for creating a CUE file:

  • Open the notepad
  • Enter proper “filename.bin” BINARY

TRACK 01 MODE 1/2352

INDEX 01 00:00:00

  • Instead of “filename.bin” you need to change its name to the BIN file which you are going to burn.
  • Save the file into a folder, keeping it as a BIN file. 
  • Keep in mind that the Bin file can come under the same name as the CUE extension.
  • Now save it and scroll down to the menu, where you can select files easily.

Step 03: Check the image

This step involves loading the image. Once you’re done loading the image, you can check how much space the image will take on the disc.

Step 04: Now your file is ready to burn

  • You need to open the Nero program on your PC first.
  • As BIN files are older they won’t burn directly but you can burn them with multitrack BIN file format easily.
  • Do not panic if it takes time because it also depends on your image size, burner’s speed and the computer.

Step 05: Test your file by inserting it into the device you burned for. Be careful that everything loads correctly from start to end.

Now that you have tested the file, you’re ready to use it on your phone although the process runs on your PC. By following each step mentioned clearly, you can get the work done in less time.

Method-2: Mounting

Step 01: Install a virtual drive software (WinCDEmu is available for free) that can convert an optical drive to your PC and allow you to mount the image file you want to.

Step 02: Mounting

Above mentioned software programmes can place the icon in your system. Now, Go to the drives, select “mount image”. Search the CUE file you need to mount and load it to “mount the image”

The image has been mounted.


After you have followed all the steps, now you need to test the disc. It will start and continue once you’re done with the burning process. Hope this article clears all the steps through which you can open the bin file in your android.


  • Do I need software to open Bin files?

Yes, software is necessary to decode the binary codes of your Bin file. Most popular one is Roxio creator.

  • Is the Bin file an ISO?

It can be but it’s not necessary to be an ISO. You can try mounting to make sure it is an ISO or not. Converting a bin file into ISO will allow you to use many programs to burn/mount it.

  • Which converter is best to convert a bin file into ISO?

The most popular one is MagicISO which converts your bin file for free.

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