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How to Make PPT on Mobile 6 Best Apps to Use

6 Best Apps to Use: PowerPoint presentations are the most useful and simple way to present whatever you need. This is beneficial to everyone, from a businessman to a student. Everyone will give a PowerPoint presentation at some point in their entire life.

Even students feel it easy to save their notes through PowerPoint presentations rather than writing notes. If you are among such persons who find it difficult to make ppts on mobile then we have captured your interest.

In this article we are going to guide you how to make ppt on mobile. Here we are going to introduce you to a few apps which will help you to make ppt on your phone.

6 Best Apps to Make PPT on Mobile

To make ppt on mobile we have gathered a few apps for you. Let’s look at those apps and make your work easier.

1 Google Slides

Google Slides is the presentation tool included in the Google Drive office suite. In terms of PowerPoint applications, it is often regarded as the finest or second-best alternative. You may tamper with your presentation on your phone or PC by using the web. 

Your presentation is saved in the cloud, which you may access and download at any time. It can also read, modify, and save PowerPoint files, which is useful for cross-product functionality. It’s also by far the best free option available. As a result, it is ideal for students who do not have access to a Microsoft Office account.

2 Zoho

One of the few decent standalone PowerPoint programmes is Zoho Show. It is not linked to a whole office suite, nor is it a clicker or a remote desktop application. It’s a presentation-making application. The provides a slew of features, such as several types of charts, over 100 shapes, formatting choices, filters, animations, and more. 

There are several templates available to help you get started. It is not as powerful as some of its rivals. The creators were still working on including features like music into the application at the time of publication.

However, if you need a quick, free alternative to Google Slides, this is a good solution.

3 Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is so good that presentation applications are referred to as PowerPoint apps. 

The mobile version is more useful than the desktop version, despite the fact that the desktop version is more powerful. In addition to the standard presentation elements, the app adds a Presenter Coach function to assist you in preparing for your speech. 

Fortunately, Microsoft has adapted well to the times. You have the option of starting from scratch or editing existing PowerPoint presentations that you have begun on your computer. A subscription to Office 365 is required to use the full capabilities. 

The good news is that a single subscription unlocks both the desktop and mobile versions of PowerPoint. You also receive OneDrive storage space for storing and transporting your PowerPoints.

4 Prezi

Prezi is ideal for both informal and more formal presentations, and it allows you to quickly present live to your colleagues no matter where you are. 

You may present using your iPad, or you can connect it to Apple TV using Airplay for a more immersive experience. A built-in YouTube search tool simplifies things even further.

5 Keynote

For creating presentations Apple has its own application. Aside from being elegant and simple to operate, it includes built-in iCloud connectivity and video mirroring capability, making it a breeze to use. 

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30 alternative themes are available, and you can always send your presentation via AirDrop for added convenience. With Apple Watch compatibility, you may also control the presentation from your wrist.

6 Slidebean

Slidebean has a plethora of unexpected features that many other platforms do not. It’s recognised as one of the greatest Powerpoint replacements available, and despite its modest size, it’s gaining popularity by the day. 

The photos and GIFs accessible for usage on the platform make it entertaining to experiment with and maybe the greatest presentation software available.

This might be the ideal presentation tool for you if you need to add statistics and analytics in your presentation. There are several customization choices available so that you may design your presentation precisely as you want it to be, which is obviously vital.

Finishing Up

The above mentioned were a few apps you can use to make a ppt on your mobile. These apps are really useful to everyone and you can get good results from these apps. We hope you will definitely try out the above apps.

We hope you found this article useful. Our comment section is awaiting for your queries or suggestions if any. Stay tuned for more similar articles.

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