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How to Delete Messages on Telegram on Android Phone 2022

05 Best Ways For Deleting Telegram Messages- Without Much Effort

Telegram is the synced messaging service, connecting individuals from various parts of the world. It is the perfect social media platform for hosting online communities and coordinating teamwork. It is also the world’s fastest messaging service, connecting users over a global network of data centers.

You can create group chats with a vast number of people, share large videos, documents of any type  and even set up bots for specific tasks. Your full conversation history will be securely kept in the Telegram cloud for as long as you need it or else you can delete the unwanted text. So we are presenting you with an easy way to delete the pile of messages. 

05 Best ways for deleting messages in telegram

You can follow the below steps to delete your messages in telegram, even a personal message.

1 Deleting messages in an individual chat:

You can delete individual chat of a person by following the below steps:

Step01: Opening Telegram icon

First unlock your mobile and open the Telegram app by tapping on the icon.

Step02: Select the chat of a person

Choose the message of the person that you wish to delete by clicking on the chat. 

Step03: Long press the message

You can long press on the message that you want to delete.

Step04: Tap on trash bin

After a long press you will get a set of options at the top, select the trash bin present at the right side. After clicking a pop up message about deleting will appear in that tab on the delete option then the chat will be deleted.


Keep in mind that the messages you delete will remain in the person with whom you communicated in the chat.

2 Deleting messages in group chat:

If you are admin of the group and you are hecked up with the unwanted messages sent by other individuals then don’t hesitate to follow the below steps:

Step01: Tap on Telegram icon

First unlock your mobile and open your Telegram by tapping on the Telegram icon.

Step02: Select the message

Select the message that you want to get rid from the respective group by holding on the message.

Step03: Select trash bin

You will get a set of options on the top in that select trash bin that is present in the top right side.

Step04: Click on Delete for everyone

After tapping on the trash bin, a popup message with an option delete for everyone will appear, select the option and click delete that is provided under it.

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This will make you delete all the unwanted messages sent by other individuals with ease.

3 Deleting chat history in telegram

Follow the below steps to delete chat history:

Step01: Open Telegram

First unlock your phone. And open Telegram by clicking on the Telegram icon.

Step02: Choose a group

Select a group that you want to get rid of chat history by simply tapping on the group chat.

Step03: Select More option

Select vertical three dots present at the top right corner.

Step04: Select Clear history

While tapping on more, you will be provided with three options, select clear history by clicking on it. Then your complete chat history will be deleted.

4 Deleting secrete chat of a person

If you don’t want to continuously delete your chats, Telegram has a few other options including secret chats and logs. Telegram’s secret chat feature is perfect for anyone who wants to make sure their messages don’t linger. 

Step01: Tap on pencil icon

Open the Telegram and tap on the pencil icon present on the right side.

Step02: Select the person account

Select the person’s account with whom you want to chat personally by tapping on it.

Step03: Create a conversation

Start the respective conversion with the person you wanted to.

Step04: Deleting the conversation

To delete the respective conversation or chat, long press the on the sentence or chat you need to delete and then you are provided with the delete option in which you can delete the chat from both sides without their concern.

5 Deleting cloud chat messages in telegram

You may quickly delete your messages from the chats if you don’t want them to be saved in the cloud. You can remove messages from any device and from any one-on-one chat. Both the messages you sent and the texts you received can be deleted.

Step01: Select the Chat

Open your Telegram by tapping on the Telegram icon and select the chat.

Step02: Hold the message

Now select the message you wish to delete by simply holding the message.

Step03: Click on delete 

You will find a trash bin on the top right side tap on it. Now a pop up message will appear comprising two options: delete for everyone, delete for you. Then you can select your respective option.

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If there are more than two people in your chat, you can still erase the messages you’ve already sent from everyone’s devices. Somehow there is a time limit . It must be done within 48 hours after sending the message. You can still erase your message beyond 48 hours, but only from your device. The message will be stored in the devices of other participants as well as on the Telegram server.

Closure Note

This concludes our article about 05 Best ways for deleting Telegram Messages. These methods will assist you in cleaning your Telegram message inbox without difficulty. We hope it may help you a lot in clearing all your storage. If you have any queries you can post in the comment section. If you need any information about similar articles please Bookmark our page Stay focused for more updates.

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