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Why Is My Android Phone Showing The Wrong Time – How to Fix

Time is precious. In our day to day life, starting from waking up to going to bed everything goes on time. Each and every chore we do is on time like going to school on time, preparing lunch for family, reaching the railway station on time in order to not miss the train,etc.

Time and timing is what we live on. So, to run our lives in a planned manner, time plays a very crucial role. As we all know that mobile is the powerful, smart, handy device which plays a very crucial role in our daily life. Mobile has every feature we need.

Mobile is the only simplest device of many other instruments. Having time on mobile is not enough, but having the right time on mobile is necessary. Sometimes, time may be incorrect in our mobile phones.

The main reason for misconfigured time zones is setting the time manually. Sometimes this may cause an incorrect time set. Even if we toggle the time zone automatically, there is a chance of an incorrect time set. So let us  have an eye on fixing the Wrong mobile time.

How Does the Time in Mobile Go Wrong?

The time in the mobile does go wrong due to tower system related issues and also during setting the time manually, there is a chance of manual errors like setting AM as PM or PM as AM. Time varies around the globe, moving to different places can also cause wrong time in mobile. There is also a chance to visualise the wrong time in case of set automatically due to mobile software issues.

We can fix this simply by rebooting the device or setting time manually. This might sound easy, but it isn’t! Thus, we have listed the best possible ways to fix wrong time on both android and iOS devices.

How to Fix the Wrong Time in Android Devices

Having the wrong time on your Android device may cause serious issues. You may miss your favourite TV show or you may miss your train, flight for your favourite vacation. So, let’s get this condition under control. The primary solution is to reboot your device. Let’s see a few tips to fix the wrong time on your Android device. 

Step 1: Click on the settings icon

Drag the notification bar, present at the top of the screen. There will be a settings icon, click on the settings on your Android device.

Step 2 : Click on the System settings 

In the settings icon, you will see many other options along with system settings, click on the system settings.

Step 3 : Click on Date & Time 

In the system settings, you will notice many other options along with date & time. Click on date & time in the system settings.

Step 4 : Turn on set automatically 

After tapping on the Date & Time option, you will see the set automatically option. Turn on the option set automatically.

Step 5 : Disable automatically 

Even if the time is wrong by turning on set automatically, you can also set manually by disabling set automatically. 

Step 6: Wrong time will be fixed 

Wrong time will be fixed automatically. Now you can end the settings menu.

How to Fix the Wrong Time in an iPhone

Step 1: Click on settings 

In your apple device, you will have a list of apps. Go to the settings app and click it on your iPhone.

Step 2: Click on general 

Scroll down and you will see an option General. click on that General option.

Step 3: Tap Date & Time

In the General menu, you will see menu options along with date & time. Tap on Date & Time in the general menu.

Step 4: Enable Set automatically 

Enable set automatically, toggle the set automatically once again and let the device reset your present date & time, location. If you don’t want to set it automatically, then set the time manually.

Step 5: Tap on Time Zone

Tap on the time zone and set the current location.

Step 6: Enter your Current location 

Type your current location and set it.

Step 7: Set Current Date & Time

set the current date & time below the calendar to fix the wrong time.

Step 8: Change are Saved 

Changes will be saved automatically. Now you can close the settings menu.


So, in order to not to miss your favourite TV show and not to get late to the school, here are the steps discussed for fixing the wrong mobile time in both Android and iPhone devices. Right time can lead to the right life. Hope it will be useful, and also hoping not to miss your amusements as well as achievements at the right time of your life.

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