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#01 Charging Animation App with Best Effects for Android

Charging animation, ever heard that? If not, let me tell you something about it. There are many people who are bored with their mobile’s usual look when it’s getting charged.

Thus, many developers have developed apps to get a good effect on the mobile screen, while the mobile is charging.

And one such app is the Charge Animation by Hugsoft. As the name suggests this app will help you to have a pretty good and keen animated effect on the mobile’s screen when it’s in charge.

Notable Features of the Charge Animation App

Let’s keep this simple, everyone needs an app which has more options. And so the developers have made this one more better with some extra features like,

Keen user interface.

Easily accessible toggle on option.

Selection of themes.

Clock or time display while charging the mobile.

The only thing that annoys me is it contains ads, which is why I get frustrated whenever I use this.

Another thing to remember is, the theme customisation option is only available in the paid version. And those themes are really cool to use.

Should You Take the Pro Version or Not?

I am using the Pro Version on my mobile and it’s really pretty useful as it has about 10 additional animated themes, and the ads are removed as well.

If you ask my suggestion, I recommend going with the Pro version as it has more options and gives you great control over the animation.

How to Install the Charge Animation App?

As this is for android users, it is available on the PlayStore. All you need to do is,

Step 01: Open the PlayStore.

Step 02: Search for ‘Charge Animation’ in the search bar.

Step 03: Now click on the app, it looks something like this.

Step 04: Press the install button and let the process get completed.

Step 05: That’s it, open the app and get the animation.

You can also click on the Download button below to get the app.


How to Setup the Charge Animation on Your Android Device?

As said, this app is quite easy to use. Here’s what you should do,

Step 01: Grab your device and open the app.

Step 02: Now let it load.

Step 03: Once done you should see an option ‘Enable Charging Animation’.

Step 04: Now Toggle on the option, and it’s done.

Step 05: The last thing to do is to keep your device on charge and check for the animation.

It offers many animated themes, select the one you like and check for the animation if it’s appropriate for you, then it’s good to go.

Note: Using the app to its full abilities is possible when you have purchased the Pro Version. But before purchasing do not forget to check everything prior, because once purchased the amount is non refundable.

That’s it for today! Let’s meet with some other great apps in our next post. Meanwhile you can try ‘How to Set a Photo on the Dial Pad‘. Hope you enjoyed the post.

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