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Best Ways to Convert PDFs to JPEG or PNG or JPG

You’re not alone if you are trying to figure out how to convert PDF files into JPG or JPEG, or PNG files. Have been frustrating so far; it’s one of those things that makes most of us want to pull out our hair! The good news is that you can easily convert your files in no time if you have a little bit of understanding (which we can help you with).

Even if many programs and websites claim to be able to convert PDF files into JPG or JPEG, or PNG files, the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of your time looking for one that’s accurate, dependable, and, most importantly, virus-free. Because of this, we’ve gathered a few ways for converting files without installing untested software on your computer.

If you love the best MacBooks and Macs and have one in your home or workplace, the operating system you’re using already gives you a PDF and picture reader that can accomplish this job. You should be happy about this because it eliminates worrying about looking elsewhere.

You must take a few more steps if you use one of the finest Windows laptops or are running Windows 10 or Windows 11 on a PC, but don’t worry—it’s pretty easy to complete. We’ll go through a few good apps you may download from the Microsoft Store to keep you safe from any improper app activity.

With these simple instructions, you can quickly convert PDF files into JPEG, JPG, or PNG files regardless of your operating system. Let’s begin now!

3 Best ways to convert PDFs to JPEG or PNG or JPG

Here, let us discuss the three best ways to convert PDFs to JPEG, JPG, or PNG files below.

  • By using an Online Converter

An online converter is the easiest method for Windows users to convert to JPEG. These web services are all relatively simple, and most are free. You must first upload a PDF file to the website. On the home page, there ought to be an ‘Upload’ button to let you browse your directory and choose a file.

You’ll likely have a 25 MB limit for individual PDF files when using this option, but that should be sufficient in most circumstances. You can select the final image quality before the conversion is done; 150 DPI is usually the default. The quality and file size will significantly rise with a higher DPI (i.e., 300); however, that may not be required.

Each PDF page will be converted separately into a JPEG, PNG, or JPG file as the website processes it. Before choosing “Convert,” make sure JPEG, PNG, or JPG file is selected as your export format. When the files are prepared, you can immediately download them through an email or a particular URL.

Here are some best free online PDFs to JPEG, JPG, or PNG converters. To select the best converter, consider how many documents you will process and whether you need to modify them or convert multiple files at once.

  • Adobe Acrobat – Fast conversion process
  • PDFSimpli – Personal data protection
  • LightPDF – Rich format support
  • Kvisoft – Simple to operate
  • PDFliner – Online PDF editor
  • Smallpdf – Secure SSL connection
  • PDF to JPG Converter – Maintains original quality
  • Boxoft – Sort by parameters
  • Free PDF Solutions – Quick conversion speed
  • PDFMate – Cross-platform
  • Icecream PDF Converter – Layout customisation
  • Wondershare PDFelement – OCR function
  • iSkysoft PDF Editor – Easy PDF markup
  • Movavi PDF Editor – Making quick edits
  • By using Preview

Users of MacBooks or Macs should utilise Preview. To start, Control-click the PDF file and choose Preview from the “Open With” list. Simply highlight every PDF you want to convert and select Preview. The simultaneous opening of the files will prevent you from clicking excessively.

Afterwards, choose Export from the File menu. You can select JPEG, JPG, or PNG from the ‘Format’ area of a smaller box that will display. Before producing the new file, you’ll also have the chance to change the image output quality. Change the filename, select a location for the file, and then click Save.

  • By using an Image Editor

Finally, you should use professional image editing software if you have access to it. Advanced conversion features are available in Photoshop and Paintshop Pro, but the free GIMP application can carry out many of the same tasks.

Open the PDF file in your editor of choice. To ensure that each PDF page is presented as a unique picture, load the pages as Images (not Layers). Most of the work will already be completed at this stage, but exporting the photos is still necessary. If you’re using GIMP, choose JPEG, JPG, or PNG file format after choosing Export from the File menu. Choose Save As, then JPEG (under “file type”) in Photoshop and Paintshop Pro.


PDFs can be converted to JPEG, PNG, or JPG file formats using the above-discussed three methods. JPEG, JPG, or PNG are the formats that compress the image and improve the quality of the image when converted from PDF files. We hope that you have understood how to convert PDFs to JPEG, JPG, or PNG formats which is a little frustrating but very useful at the same time.

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