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Battery Sound Notification App for Android

Have you ever experienced waking up your mobile phone’s battery so low or dead because you forgot to plug it in last night? Or have you ever forgotten to unplug your mobile to prevent it from overcharging the battery? Your phone’s battery health is a critical thing you need to look after. The Battery Sound Notification is a simple application that  helps you out. The application Battery Sound Notification, allows users to set a notification or an alarm regarding the status of your battery. 

This application notifies you whether your battery is full or low, plugged or unplugged and charging or discharging. You can even customise the sound notification using your favourite audio file on your device or simply turn it on silent or vibrate mode. This app also has a Text-to-speech function. This amazing application works in the background and autostarts after an update and on boot. This is a free application for Android users by Argon Dev.

To know more about how to get notified on various battery status of your mobile, keep scrolling to the end of the post.

How does the Battery Sound Notification App Works

As we all know, Battery Sound Notification is an Android application that lets you set alarms to get warnings about your mobile’s battery status.

The app Battery Sound Notification works as follows:

Tapping the + sign present at the top right of the screen, helps you to create a new alarm related to your battery status. From here, this also lets you  choose if you want to receive notifications while you connect your mobile to a charger, while the battery is full, while it has a particular percentage left, or when it is about to turn off.

From the app Battery Sound Notification, you can also set up different sounds for various types of warning related to your battery status. To do so, just tap on the alarm sounds button and choose the one notification sound you wanted. You can also set your favourite song you’ve downloaded and saved to your phone’s memory.

Is Battery Sound Notification Safe?

Battery Sound Notification is 100% safe because this application was scanned by Anti-Malware platform and no viruses were detected. The included antivirus platforms are AOL Active Virus Shield, avast!, AVG, Clam AntiVirus, etc. The anti-malware engine filters applications and classifies them according to the parameters. Hence, it is 100% safe to install Battery Sound Notification.

Permissions Required

This allows the app to access the phone features of the device. This permission also allows the application to determine the phone number and device IDs, whether it is an active call, or it is the remote number connected by a call. It also allows the app to read the contents of your USB storage.

Text to Speech Tool

The Text to Speech Tool is used to convert any written text into spoken words. There are many additional sounds available. Custom suspension intervals can also be set using this app between the services. This helps users to run additional programs even in Sleep Mode. Users can select to ignore the system audio profile. This means that you can even play sounds through the device in silent or vibrate mode while receiving particular  sounds. 

If you need any additional sound to be alerted when a specific notification arrives, this option is definitely for you. During a phone call, you can disable certain services. But this is entirely optional. However, many people may feel it annoying to receive sounds and notifications constantly on their phone. The Battery Sound Notification App is easy to operate and huge thanks to straightforward tap controls. Every action can be done within seconds due to the app’s easy use. 

There is a big list of tools and options that are available in the app to explore. Users must have the time to learn about this Sound Notification tool by checking out these options and tools. There are many choices available. To Charge your mobile battery, it initially requires significant effort. Battery Low indicates that there is an imminent shortage of power. A memory effect is created by Battery insertion. Released is the album  Battery Unplugged. Regardless of the circumstances, the battery status indicator provides information in tandem with each other.


Other Advantages 

There are many other benefits to configure your notification sounds through the Battery Sound Notification app. It is an amazing application for someone who wants to modify and set different sounds. Here are a few benefits associated with this application, Battery Sound Notification. Constant background services keep the app running. When you update this application, the services automatically launch in the mobile background and remain active until you deactivate them. 

Using this application, you can either configure or customise the sounds associated with your notifications.

Final Words

This application Battery Sound Notification is especially for Android users and it helps to set alarms on the status of a mobile’s battery. You can customise different notification sounds you wish for. To know more about this application, have a glance at the entire post. Do not forget to share with your friends who actually need this application!

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