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Apple Airpods, Apple to make First Made-in-India Airpods

Apple has started making components of the first Made-in-India Airpods. After the Apple iPhone, the second product of Apple to be manufactured in India is the Apple AirPods.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi supported India’s manufacturing sector for Apple AirPods as a national priority. The Indian government has shown financial incentives and support for the company’s expansion projects. This move can make huge growth in India’s manufacturing sector and increase India’s GDP.

China’s strict Covid-19 lockdown restrictions have made a huge impact on Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro series production. The company made its efforts to recover from the consequences. From April to December, Apple shipped more than $2.5 billion worth of its gadgets from the South Asian country. All the efforts are being done to reduce the reliance on China.

Apple’s first Made-in-India AirPods components production started at Jabil Inc a US-based company with a manufacturing unit in Pune. The manufactured parts are then shipped to China and Vietnam for assembly.

Apple has played a central role with partners like Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. manufacturing a huge lot of iPhones ever before. Jabil Inc operates an 858,000-square-foot facility employing more than 2,500 workers in Pune, for the manufacturing of Apple AirPods.

Neil Shah, vice president of research made a statement “Making enclosures is typically the first step for full-fledged production of AirPods” at a Counterpoint.

New Delhi, has given initial clearances to more than a dozen of its Chinese suppliers to increase the complete Apple AirPods production via joint ventures with Indian partners.
Luxshare Precision Industry Co Ltd. is one of Apple’s Chinese suppliers which is dedicated to making AirPods and will soon begin manufacturing in India’s southern Tamil Nadu state, locally.

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