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Anker’s MagGo Chargers Set to Turbocharge iPhone 13, 14, and 15 Models at Blazing 15W Speeds

Anker has introduced MagGo chargers, which are expected to revolutionise charging for iPhone users. These chargers can support 15W charging, a significant upgrade from previous Qi products that were limited to a 7.5W charging speed with iPhones. The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) has certified six brands of transmitters, including Belkin, Anker, BH-EVS, Shenzhen Chipvision Microelectronics, NuVolta, and Dongguan Aohai Technology.

The MagGo series aligns with Apple’s MagSafe-branded technology, providing users with a seamless experience. As the industry awaits the official launch of certified products, the anticipation for Anker’s MagGo chargers is palpable, as they promise not just speed but also compatibility with the latest iPhone models.

Apple, famously quiet about third-party improvements, still can’t seem to remark on Anker’s MagGo chargers. In any case, industry insiders conjecture that this charging backing will probably stretch out to all Qi2 chargers, introducing another time of charging convenience for Apple lovers.

While the market anxiously anticipates certified products for procurement, Anker, alongside other industry monsters like Belkin and Mophie, has previously reported Qi2-compatible hardware. The main hitch is by all accounts the shortfall of accessible certified products. Be that as it may, as indicated by Paul Brilliant of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), the association regulating the Qi2 specification, six brands of transmitters, including Belkin, Anker, BH-EVS, Shenzhen Chipvision Microelectronics, NuVolta, and Dongguan Aohai Technology, have proactively gotten affirmation.

The MagGo series from Anker is ready to upset charging for iPhone clients. Anker representative Mary Woodbury affirmed that these chargers can uphold 15W charging, a huge redesign from the past Qi products that were restricted to a 7.5W charging speed with iPhones. This adjusts the MagGo products to Apple’s MagSafe-branded technology, guaranteeing clients experience a similar most extreme charging rate.

In a proclamation to The Verge, Mary Woodbury underlined the MagGo series’ similarity and upgraded charging capacities, giving iPhone clients a consistent encounter. This advancement lines up with the aggregate craving for third-party chargers to match the exhibition of MagSafe-branded tech, uniting the advantages of the refreshed Qi2 specification with Apple’s mastery in magnets and authentication.

As the industry sits tight for the authority to send off certified products, the expectation for Anker’s MagGo chargers is substantial. With the commitment of 15W charging speeds and certificates from legitimate brands, buyers can anticipate a future where third-party chargers rival the exhibition of Apple’s own MagSafe-branded gadgets.

All in all, the MagGo chargers from Anker mark a critical step in the right direction in the realm of wireless charging, promising speed as well as similarity with the most recent iPhone models. As technology fans enthusiastically anticipate the accessibility of certified products, the MagGo series stands as a demonstration of the steady quest for innovation in the charging landscape.

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