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Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro With AMOLED Display And GPS

Interested in buying the Xiaomi Smart Bands? then this article has got your back as it depicts the latest version of the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro and hassle-free in choosing the best smart band of Xiaomi!

Xiaomi has never stopped mesmerizing people with its latest releases of Smart devices, and one of them could be the smart bands. The Smart Bands has been renowned these days for its fascinating features and its wonderful display. These bands can detect diseased conditions and abnormalities in an individual and are available in the market for affordable prices. 

The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro has already made remarkable success, and now the 7 Pro version has got upgraded technology and some changes in it. As of one’s anticipation, this Smart Band 7 Pro has made its global debut in recent times and has made an appearance in varied colors. This smart band is one of the potential gadgets that one could get in recent times and the follow-up can make it worth the enthusiasm.

Brief Note on Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro

This Xiaomi smart band 7 Pro was jam-packed with health and fitness features like Blood pressure monitoring, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, blood oxygen measurement, and stress monitoring. Additionally, this gadget offers more than 110 sports modes and it even has an on-wrist running coach feature that offers 10 pre-planned running routes at various levels. It also has interval training for improving the functions of your heart and lungs.

This smart band has an integrated GNSS system that helps you to track the routes without a smartphone and also it is waterproof up to 5 atmosphere, so you can take a shower without removing it. This Smart Band 7 Pro can be connected through Bluetooth 5.2 BLE for any iOS and Android device. You can use the Mi fitness app for easy operation of any Xiaomi device. This app helps to store all your health and fitness data for up to months to track your progress. With the help of four dashboard features (health, fitness, device, and profile),  you can change the settings and other band features.

It also has a built-in microphone which is only used to communicate with Amazon Alexa, so you must set up the app on your mobile phone and connect it to the Band 7 Pro. Once it is done you can talk with Alexa regarding the weather forecast, setting alarms, and operating other home appliances. The Mi Fitness app from Xiaomi has a large selection of watch faces, and the Band 7 Pro can hold up to 7 watch faces at once. However, the 5 pre-installed watch faces cannot be changed, so you can only have two more watch faces active at once, which is pretty restrictive.

This Smart Band 7 Pro was released at 99 EUR (Rs. 8,000 approx) but at present, the price tag was decreased to 5,000. 

Features of Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro

Most of the Smart Bands are apt for the updated version with more features but Xiaomi has never failed in presenting unique features apart from the regular Smart Bands and avails with best features.

1. Display

The Smart Band 7 Pro came up with a larger 1.64-inch AMOLED display with a 280 x 456-pixel resolution along with a brightness of 500 nits peak and 2.5D curved glass. Compared to Band 7, the 326PPI display is 40% horizontally wide and offers a brighter quality. This display is covered with tempered glass features of anti-fingerprint coating. According to the surrounding environment, it can adjust the display’s brightness automatically due to the presence of an ambient sensor.

The bigger screen is especially helpful for watch faces because it allows complexity for almost every major device and health measure, as well as easier-to-read notifications. Additionally, Band 7 Pro adds auto-brightness control, which is missing from Band 7. Eventhough the screen is off, the Always On Display (AOD) option displays the time and date with the usage of battery life.

2. Appealing colors

It is the first Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro that has an elegant appearance with both Ivory and Black colors, and it is suitable for anyone irrespective of their age.  Recently, different colored detachable straps such as Ivory, Olive, Orange, Black, Blue, and Pink have been released into the market. You can change these straps according to your preferences. There are a few limited edition straps in Moon Grey and pine green colors. These straps are 22mm in width, and with adjustable length of 205mm.

3. Weight 

Weight is not a hurdle in Xiaomi brands as they are made to have the convenience of the customers as a priority and are designed to have lightweight gadgets. The weight of Smart Band 7 Pro is 20.5 grams with 11mm in width. It is 7 grams heavier than Band 7, but its weight doesn’t concern or put the effort on the wrist and gives a comfortable fit to one’s hand. 

4. Battery Life and GPS

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro granted 235 mAh of battery. At typical usage, the battery may last for 12 days whereas for heavy users it might last for 6 days. It might take one hour for a full charge. 

High-accuracy GPS is available on the Xiaomi Smart Band. Moreover, they are supported by GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, and QZSS location systems. Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro uses GPS more accurately for detecting your exercises when compared to bands without it. There are 17 different GPS-enabled professional workout modes on the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro.  GPS connection on Smart Band traces the location within 5-10 seconds. Once your site is traced, you will receive satisfactory services that function well even in forest areas.

Closure Note

The latest version of Xiaomi’s Smart Band, named Smart Band 7 Pro has been released globally. Most of us are unaware of its specifications and might have various thoughts and queries while choosing this Smart Band, worry not! as the above article might clear all of your queries about the Smart Band 7 Pro. So, try to read the complete post as it clears all your thoughts!

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