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WhatsApp Rolls out new security feature, Account Protect and many more update

WhatsApp is popular globally for its instant messaging, accessibility, simple and straightforward features. WhatsApp keeps on giving new updates and here we are going to some of the new whatsApp updates. The whatsApp’s new update includes some security features and these new security features allow the users to have more privacy and control while using the App. WhatsApp, owned by Facebook Meta, has more than 2 billion active users. 

Let’s talk about the WhatsApp new update that includes the three security features.

Account Protect

There are times when users switch to a new device and want to switch their whatsapp account to a new device, now this  whatsapp new feature  will counter check whether it’s you while switching to a new device in order to block unauthorized account transfers. This security feature notify the users if there is an unauthorized attempt to move their account and prevent the hackers from hijacking Whatsapp.

Device Verification

Mobile malware,that takes advantage of their phone and sends messages without users consent, is becoming a biggest threat to people’s privacy and security.WhatsApp has added checks to protect and authenticate users accounts if the users accounts are endangered with no action needed from the users. 

Automatic security codes

Another feature of WhatsApp that adds additional security is to verify  a user’s secure connection. Previously users have to go to the contacts info and access the encryption tab and scan a QR code to verify that their personal conversation is secured. This new feature allows the users to automatically verify that they have a secure connection and their personal conversation is secured by accessing the encryption tab without using such a long code.
These are only a few security features released by WhatsApp and is expecting to release more of additional security features in the coming days. Just wait until we update with more upcoming and new whatsapp updates.

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