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VLC Media Player Website is Now Ban Free in India

Here is some good news for VLC Media Player lovers. The good news is that the VLC Media Player Website is now ban free. Previously, the Website of VLC Media Player was banned by the Indian government and now it is accessible. According to the Reports, the reason to ban the VLC Media Player was because of the Chinese connection. In those times, the VLC media player was an open source software from a France-based group. Now, the ban is completely removed as non-profit organisation Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF) tweeted regarding the same issue.

During this August, the government of India had banned portable streaming player VLC’s website in India. The official Twitter handle of VLC Media Player also tweeted that the ban has been removed.

Why was the VLC Media Player Website Banned in India?

As per the reports, a Chinese hacker group named Cicada had used VLC in delivering malware. According to cyber-security researchers at Symantec, the Cicada victims were found in many countries like India, US, Canada, Israel, Hong Kong, etc. The researchers at Symantec also found that the China-based attackers used VLC Media Player to install malware on compromised devices. The attack is claimed to be taken back by the Chinese government.

The government of India did not give any reason for officially banning VLC Media Player Website and even now there is no explanation. Finally, now the VLC Media Player Website is ban free. 

Impact on Users

In August 2022, the government had blocked the VLC website — — on the Windows machines. This strictly meant that the users couldn’t access it on their Windows laptops and also on PCs. “This site can’t be reached” was the message that appears when one tries to open the VLC Media Player website. However, back then the VLC app did work on both iOS and Android as the website was banned.

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