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Telegram Disappearance from Android Auto Raises Concerns Among Users

Telegram, a popular messaging app, has disappeared from the dashboard panel of some Android Auto users, raising concerns among the community. The disappearance emerged after both Telegram and Android Auto received new updates in late December, leaving users puzzled as to whether the problem lies within Telegram’s update or a new version of Android Auto. Despite a thorough investigation, no specific components have been identified as common among affected users.

Users are resorting to using earlier versions of Telegram to maintain functionality, and Google has been alerted and is working on a patch. The suggested workaround focuses on downgrading Telegram rather than updating Android Auto.

People using different phones and Android Auto versions are all facing this issue, but they have one thing in common – they updated Telegram to version 10.5.0. Oddly, those who upgraded to Android Auto 10.9 without updating Telegram are not having this problem. This suggests that the issue might be connected to the latest Telegram update.

Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix. Users are going back to older versions of Telegram to keep things running. We don’t know how many people are affected, but some have shared their troubles on Google’s forums. As more people update their apps, we might hear about more cases.

Google knows about the problem and is trying to figure out how to solve it. We can’t say for sure when a fix will come, but they are working on it. The Telegram team hasn’t said anything about the issue yet.

While we wait for a solution, it’s still unclear whether Telegram or Android Auto will provide the fix. The suggestion is to go back to an older Telegram version rather than updating Android Auto, hinting that Telegram might be the source of the issue.

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