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Sony has Launched NW-A306 Walkman in India: Know it’s Price and Features

Sony has recently launched its NW-A306 Walkman in India at a price of Rs. 25,990/-. This walkman has a display with 3.6 inches and also high-quality audio. It is made of a good-quality aluminium frame and it has high-audio quality within a compact form factor. You can experience music as artist intended even with the compact body.

On Thursday, Sony has added a new member to its Walkman series with the launch of NW-A306 Walkman. The NW-A306 is featured with a 3.6-inch touch screen and also with tactile physical music controls.

Sony’s NW-A306 Walkman is now cheaply available than the previous high-end walkman NW-ZX707 which was launched by the company. NW-ZX707 was available at Rs. 69,900/- and it had a display with 5 inches. This NW-A306 Walkman masterpiece is lightweight, weighed about only 113 grams and also has S-Master HX technology, especially designed for the device which gives clear and loud sound. It is confirmed that the technology works well with music files in a special format known as DSD.

The Sony’s Walkman can be available in India from the Sony Centres across India, major electronic stores, Headphone Zone, and also in e-commerce portals in India. These will be available from February 9, 2023 onwards. This device has both touch screen and tactile physical music controls. It also has a long battery life up to 36 hours for FLAC music playback and also has up to 26 hours for streaming music. 

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Additionally, the Sony’s Walkman utilises AI and also a special engine called DSEE. Ultimately, it is used to create compressed music files which sound better in real-time. There are many special techniques in NW-A306 like usage of gold in soldering which provides overall improved sound localisation and also wider sound space. Walkman NW-A306 are compatible to Wi-Fi.

As per Sony, the latest NW-A306 Walkman utilises S-Master HX digital amp technology, further developed for Walkman, and also compatible with the native DSD format. It is made to reduce distortion and noise across a wide range of frequencies. Sony claimed that it uses Edge-AI, DSEE Ultimate that upscales compressed digital music files in real time.

NW-A306 Walkman has rigidity, clear, low impedance, stable sound and solid bass. To improve output of it, A film capacitor, dual clock, and fine sound register has been placed in the Walkman.

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