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Samsung S23 VS OnePlus 11 Which should you Buy Check Details

Samsung S23 Vs OnePlus 11: Every mobile phone comes with its own specifications. Some may not meet the users demands while others do. Samsung and onePlus are one such companies which have a great demand in the market. The two models: Samsung S23 and onePlus 11 have unique features. If you want to know which can be the best one for you then here is a comparison between the Samsung S23 and OnePlus 11.

Samsung S23: Everything You Need to Know

The Samsung S23 Series comes with 3 models: Samsung S23, S23+, S23 Ultra. The Samsung S23 Series is launched with more sophisticated features than its older series. The device comes with a lot of new features which may increase your battery life and also gives a great picture capturing experience. 

The South Korean giant launched the most handy, compact Samsung S23 with most entertaining features. The samsung S23 comes with a 6.1 inch display and packs a battery of 3,500mAh. The device is water resistant and rated by IP68. You get the qualcomm’s 3D sensor in the device. With a triple camera setup the device lets you capture awesome pictures.

The triple camera includes: 50MP rear camera, 12Map main camera and 10MP 3× zoom i.e, ultra wide camera. It also has a 12MP front camera that lets you take stunning selfies. Samsung S23 has two storage options: 128GB and 256GB with 8GB RAM.

OnePlus 11: Everything You Need to Know 

What do you think of the new OnePlus 11? Thinking of buying it? Well, it’s not possible. And why so? Here you get everything about it. The OnePlus 11 is just a concept phone and is not for sale. The oneplus put forth its concept in the Mobile World Congress held at Barcelona. 

If you look at the new oneplus 11 you can see some blue lights on its back case. Is it a design? Well, no! There’s a concept behind the blue lights attracting your eyes which are placed on the new oneplus 11. The company launches its first active cryo flux cooling technology. This simply means PC like liquid cooling getting handy. The oneplus 11 has 2 micropumps fitted around the camera region. 

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These micropumps absorb all the heat from the chipset and also give a cooling effect while charging. Therefore making it more efficient for passionate gamers. The company states that the micropumps reduce the temperature upto 2.1⁰C therefore increasing the frame rate by 3 to 4 FPS during the gameplay. There’s not much evidence on all other features still but may get them soon.

Samsung S23 VS OnePlus 11


Samsung S23 

OnePlus 11

Display6.1 inch FHD AMOLED 120Hz display. 6.7 inch 2K AMOLED 120Hz display.
Camera50MP + 12MP + 10MP triple rare camera.50MP + 48MP + 32MP triple rare camera.
Maximum storage256GB512GB
Charging25W charging100W charging
Thickness 7.6mm8.53mm
ColorsPhantom Black, Cream, Green, LavenderBlack and green
SensorsAccelerometer, Gyro, Proximity, Compass, BarometerAccelerometer, Gyro, Proximity, Compass
Custom UIOne UI 5.1OxygenOS 13


Hope you got all the important comparisons between the Samsung S23 and the OnePlus 11 from our post on Samsung S23 vs oneplus 11. Both are best on their own but comparatively oneplus 11 has more benefits. Sad point is the oneplus 11 is not on sale therefore you can’t get it to your home. So you can go with Samsung S23 as it also packs a bunch of attractive features. 

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