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Leaked GTA 6 footage allegedly confirmed real-life Miami building in the game GTA 6

Although Rockstar Games hasn’t yet confirmed whether or not Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 will take place in Vice City, there have been solid leaks regarding the game map and location of the upcoming game. This is in addition to the major leak of September 2022 which has given a lot of insight regarding the game. 

The leaked GTA 6 footage of September 2022 is still being analysed and devoted fans are still extracting new information about it. For example, one fan recently compared the leaked GTA 6 footage to real-life buildings in Miami. And if you look closer, you will notice that they are, in fact, pretty identical. 

This information was revealed by @GTA6Videos who has a very stable track record where leaks and speculations are concerned. The Twitter user shared a comparison between the leaked GTA 6 footage and real life pictures taken from Google Earth. 

According to @GTA6Videos, the leaked GTA 6 footage has depicted the same chronological order as real life. Upon closer analysis, one will see that the buildings are pretty much a carbon copy of real life. Admittedly, the renders do look choppy but the final version is sure to be much more refined. 

The Twitter user has also revealed that the leaked GTA 6 footage shows real locations. This includes areas where the real life buildings seen in the game are. 

All this information reveals that Grand Theft Auto 6 will bring a higher level of immersion. Thus, it might give the player the illusion that you are actually driving through the streets of Miami when playing GTA 6.
In conclusion, the leaked GTA 6 footage brings assurance that GTA 6 will be worth the hype as it seems to be the most immersive version of the game yet.

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