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Jio 5G Vs Airtel 5G – Which is Better, Plans, Speed, Pricing & Offers

Jio 5G Vs Airtel 5G could be the query to most of the users. These telecommunication companies stood out the best in providing the better network communications and services. Reliance Jio and Airtel were the companies that introduced the 5G network to its users for the first time in India. Airtel has been providing its utmost services from decades in comparison to this the Jio is introducing it’s services at lower prices with best track data. 

After the approval of 5G network communication in India, Airtel has introduced its network operations on 1 October 2022 and Reliance Jio has rolled out its network operations from 5th October 2022. To choose the best between these networks the services and the working of these networks were compared.

Coming to the speed and coverage, Reliance Jio is far better than Airtel. With around half of the total amount of INR 88,000 crore spent, Jio has obtained 700 MHz band coverage, 3.5 GHz band capacity, and 26 GHz mmWave band internet speed. But the cost was somewhat more.

In accordance with Ookla’s broadcast speed analysis, the average median speed of the Jio 5G is 600 Mbps whereas the Airtel has a median speed of 516 Mbps.

In line with their initial deployment plans, Airtel and Jio have both launched 5G services in different cities.

  • Jio: Eight cities
  • Airtel: Four cities
Jio 5G Airtel 5G
  • Median Speed: 600 Mbps
Median Speed: 516 Mbps
  • Launched in eight different cities
  • Launched in four different cities
  • Starting price: INR 239 with 5G data and 1 GB network speed
  • Starting price: RS.239 with 1 GB network speed and 5G data
  • Band width: 24.74 GHz
  • Band width: 19.86 GHz
  • Nationwide coverage from 2023
  • Rollout of Airtel 5G from 2024


According to its claims, Jio might beat Airtel in other areas because it plans to have 5G coverage nationwide by the end of 2023. The full rollout of Airtel 5G isn’t anticipated to be complete until 2024 in all areas.

Jio customers who want to take advantage of the telco’s “Welcome Offer” campaign must have an active plan of at least Rs. 239. Although Airtel customers don’t have any such requirements, consumers will only be able to utilize 5G services up to their data allotment. The speed will decrease to 60kbps when that runs out.

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