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How to View Instagram Stories Without Anyone Knowing – 5 Best Ways to Do

Nowadays who doesn’t know about Instagram reels, stories,IGTVs and much more insta offers? People spend most of their time watching all this stuff. It became a crucial platform to express one’s feelings, their thoughts and things going on in their lives. Also including the excitement to see what others are posting.

You can share short videos, photos via Instagram stories that lasts only upto 24 hours. Instagram alerts users by telling who has viewed the stories. But if we want to see the stories without letting them know then what to do?

There may be many reasons to see Instagram stories without letting them know. Perhaps you’re performing market research and want to get a sneak peek at a competitor’s Instagram approach, but you’d rather keep that knowledge private.

Whatever the reason might be. Below are 5 ways which will allow you to view someone’s story without getting caught.

Top 5 Ways to View Instagram Stories Without Anyone Knowing

These are personally tested by our team, and proven to be probably the best 5 till to date.

  1. Click the Instagram Story and Swipe Back 

By this method you can swipe between different users’ stories and view their story without their knowledge. Below are the few steps you need to follow.

  • Find the profile whose Story you wish to see in secret on your feed and click on it.
  • Then click the story to pause it and carefully move to the direction of the story you wish to see. It’ll look like it’s on the opposite side of a 3D box.
  • Be cautious while swiping if you swipe totally then the user will be able to know that you have viewed their story.

Though it is useful but has major disadvantages like:

  • Able to see only the first story on that profile feed.
  • Not possible to view videos.
  • Has a great chance to swipe totally by accident which will cause all the efforts to go to vain.
  1. Use a Third Party App or Website 

You can also view users’ stories by using other websites and apps without letting the users know about it. Third party apps have their own risks so please be cautious while using these!

If You are using a Desktop then,

  • Visit net and fetch for the user.
  • If the profile you wish to see is public, then it is easy for you to download and see all their present stories.

If you are a iPhone user then,

  • Log in to the Story Reposter app after downloading it. In the search bar, look for the user, and then touch on the Instagram Stories folder.

If you are a Android user then,

  • Log in to the Story Saver app after downloading it. Look for the user in the search bar. In a feed structure, you’ll be able to see their Stories.
  1. Web Browser Extension Helps View Instagram Stories Without Account

Stories for Instagram is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to see any Instagram storey without having to create an account. You may easily visit Instagram stories on your desktop after installing it in your browser, and your views are not counted.

You can also try Chrome IG stories as an alternative.

You can use storieswatcher if you are a Firefox user. It will help you watch the stories without logging in and also without the user’s knowledge. Even if you see all the stories still they will appear as unseen.

If you don’t want to install the extension, you can still access it through its website and download as many stories as you want.

You can also try these alternatives on Firefox.

  1. Turn On Airplane Mode to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

If you already have installed the Instagram app on your smartphone then turning on airplane mode is a very simple way to view the user’s stories without marking them as seen. Both Android and iPhone users can make use of this Airplane Mode.

What you need to do is open the Instagram app and leave it for a few minutes to allow the stories to get loaded then turn on Airplane Mode. As the stories are loaded you can watch them and as the Airplane Mode is on it won’t be marked as seen.

Close the Instagram app once you’ve read those stories if you want to add an extra layer of security. Even if it’s operating in the background, don’t leave it running.

  1. Use Online Instagram Stories Viewer to Watch Anonymously

There are a lot of free online tools available to view Instagram stories without actually logging in your Instagram account. You can utilize this if you don’t want to use Airplane Mode.

One of the most famous websites that will allow you to see someone’s stories without marking them as seen is the Instagram stories viewer website. All you need to do is enter the username whose Story you wish to view in the search bar of the tool. This will help you to see all their stories that are posted within 24 hours.

Another online tool, Instagram Anonymous Story Viewer, can be used to view stories that were published in the past.

The method’s only drawback is that it only works with public accounts. Other methods discussed in this article can be used to watch Instagram stories of a private account secretly without being seen.

Here we end up with all the 5 ways to view Instagram stories without anyone knowing. Hope you found it useful. Now it’s your turn to choose any of the above mentioned methods to view someone’s Instagram stories secretly.

Hope you liked it, please feel free to place your suggestions in the comments section below. Have we missed any method? If yes, comment them down as well.

Disclaimer: This post contains links to other websites and that is for user purpose only! We are not promoting any sort of app or website. We are solely working to make things easy.

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