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Get the Free 1001 Nights Katana Skin in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX has added another exciting event to their ongoing Emerald Storm festivities. The “Deal Damage: Free Katana”  is a wonderful event. This event features a themed Katana skin with two extra other rewards. To obtain these rewards, players must meet specific requirements by dealing damage to their enemies in the game. This article will guide players on how to claim the free Katana skin and other rewards.

Meeting the Requirements

Players must deal 5000 damage, 10000 damage, and 20000 damage to their enemies to obtain the Leg Pocket, Urban Rager Weapon Loot Crate, and Katana 1011 Nights skin, respectively. It is important to remember that the requirements to get the 1001 Nights Katana Skin are specific. Players must deal a 20000 damage to receive all three rewards which also includes the 1001 Nights Katana Skin. The event does not specify a game mode, so players can complete it by playing any available options and receive the 1001 Nights Katana Skin.

Actively Participating in Matches

This event is not held for a long period. It is compulsory to participate frequently in matches and win to earn the free Katana skin. Missing this opportunity could mean spending a few hundred diamonds in the in-game store to obtain the Katana 1011 Nights skin.

Claiming the Rewards

Players can claim the rewards of the “Deal Damage: Free Katana” event by following these steps:

Step 1: Start playing any game mode in Free Fire MAX. Then complete the requirements.

Step 2: Visit the calendar and have access to the ongoing events.

Step 3: Find the “Deal Damage: Free Katana” event under the “Emerald Storm” tab. The rewards will appear on the screen. Tap the “Claim” button beside each reward to get 1001 Nights Katana Skin in Free Fire MAX.

Using the Rewards

Players can equip the Katana skin by heading to the “Armory” section. The Urban Rager Weapon Loot Crate offers the chance to obtain a permanent or trial gun skin. The Leg Pocket is a useful loadout item that players can utilize in both Battle Royale and Clash Squad game modes.
The “Deal Damage: Free Katana” event offers an opportunity for Free Fire MAX players to obtain the Katana 1011 Nights skin, as well as other rewards, for free. By actively participating in matches and completing the requirements, players can claim 1001 Nights Katana Skin and use it to enhance their in-game experience.

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