Thursday, April 11, 2024

Dangerous google chrome bugs detected

Google has released a security update for the Google Chrome web browser, addressing certain issues. One of these issues is considered to be a severe risk – the  zero day vulnerability. For a staggering 3 billion Chrome users worldwide, the discovery of the first known Zero Day vulnerability on April 11 added to the urgency to update their browsers. In a blog post, Google acknowledged the zero day. According to Forbes, zero day affects Chrome on Windows, Mac and Linux. Google also verified that an active exploit labelled CVE-2023-2033 is actively being used in potentially harmful real life hacks.

The zero day exploit is an emerging cyber security threat where hackers exploit vulnerabilities before they are known to creators of the public. Failing to resolve this issue quickly would enable hackers to breach data and penetrate systems and networks for malicious purposes.

Google’s Threat Analysis Group has successfully identified the zero day vulnerability. The company has released a patch to block the zero day vulnerability. But, it is essential that users update Chrome immediately to implement it.

Following is a step-by-step guide to effectively initiate the update,

  • Step- 1: Navigate to Google Chrome web browser’s upper right corner and select the overflow menu (this is represented by three vertical dots).
  • Step- 2: Choose Help.
  • Step- 3: Choose About Google Chrome which asks Chrome to search for updates.
  • Step- 4: To ensure total protection from the Zero Day vulnerability, users must restart browsers after downloading and finalising the update

In conclusion, Google Chrome users should update their browsers with haste to avoid any risk of being affected by the malicious zero day vulnerability.

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