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Best Smartwatches Under 5000 in India

These days everyone loves to wear Smartwatches but the brand and budget is everyone’s concern. Hence we have come up with the best smartwatches that you can get under 5000 in India. 

Smartwatches have many attractive features that a normal watch doesn’t. You can operate your smartphone phone using the Smartwatch, get all updates, monitor your health and what not. But selecting the best piece is crucial. Some smartwatches may run out with just a few trials whereas a few sustains for a longer period. Hence you must go ahead with the later ones. No worries, you can take help of our guide to choose the in budget and as well as the best smartwatches for you here.

Top 5 Smartwatches Under 5000 in India

Below is the list of top 05 smartwatches that you can try out. Let’s rush into it without much delay. We are sure you will get the perfect one for you.

1. Noise Colorfit Pro 4

The very first best smartwatch in our list is Noise Colorfit Pro 4. With a 1.72 inch color touch screen it attracts a lot of people. With its attractive features it stands at top of our list.

Price: you can get the Noise Colorfit Pro 4 at just 3,499 rs which is a very nominal one.

Best Features 

Here are the best features of Noise Colorfit Pro 4.

  • It offers health fitness tracking like heart rate measurement, blood oxygen Monitoring and also measures the number of steps you walk everyday.
  • The smartwatch also monitors your sleep timings and intensity.
  • It displays both date and time on the screen and also monitors blood cholesterol levels.
  • Lets you answer calls through your smartwatch itself making it easier. Hence you no need to take out your smartphone every time.
  • You can also set up an alarm that keeps you updated on everything. 
  • You also get updates on the stock market on Noise Colorfit Pro 4 smartwatch.

2. Realme Watch S

Realme has many versions among which the Realme Watch S is the latest one. When compared to its previous versions the latest one has some new and eye-catching features. 

Price: Realme Watch S comes at 4,999 rs which is under our budget. Hence you can afford it and enjoy the latest and best features of Realme Watch S. 

Best Features 

Here are the best features of Realme Watch S.

  • The main features that make it best from the previous models are auto brightness control and a battery of 390mAh.
  • It offers oxygen Monitoring, heart rate monitoring and also sleep tracking facilities. 
  • It also reminds you about drinking water or any liquids. This helps you keep hydrated everytime.
  • You also get smart notifications on your smartwatch and it also helps you with weather forecasts.
  • You can also control your phone’s camera and music using your smartwatch itself.

3. Redmi Watch

If you specifically need a smartwatch to maintain fitness then Redmi series Watch is the best one for you. The redmi watches are designed with an in-built fitness tracker as its primary concern. Hence you can go ahead with the Redmi Watch.

Price: you can get Redmi smartwatch within a reasonable price I.e, at a cost of 3,999 rs.

Best Features 

Here are the best features of Redmi Watch.

  • Comes with an in built GPS system that tracks your fitness.
  • Very less in weight and small in size hence is comfortable and handy.
  • It displays all the messages and call notifications on the screen itself. The only thing is you can’t reply to the incoming messages.
  • It’s not possible to answer any call using Redmi Smartwatch but you can decline or silence any call.
  • Heart rate and sleep monitoring is included but you can’t find spO2 monitoring.

4. Boat Flash

If you need a stylish smartwatch with all the attractive features then you can go through Boat Flash. Boat Flash has an attractive metal body and looks captivating. You no need to worry about budget as it is budget friendly. 

Price: Boat Flash is something that you can get at a very reasonable rate. Get the smartwatch at just 1,999 rs as a starting price.

Best Features

Here are the best features of Boat Flash.

  • You do not need to use your phone for camera or music as it’s possible through the Boat Flash smartwatch itself.
  • Look after your health by monitoring your heart rate, oxygen levels and also your sleep timings.
  • Reminds you to have water on time making you hydrated everytime. 
  • Count your steps whenever you walk keeping you healthy.
  • Alerts you about the weather conditions prior. 
  • Throw out your stress by advising you to meditate as needed.

5. Maxima Max Pro X6

Maxima Max Pro X6 makes the work easier with its latest and useful features. Most smartwatches just notify about the calls and messages. But here you can even respond to calls or make a call. Hence this can be your mini phone.

Price: Maxima Max Pro X6 comes within a range of 3,000 to 4,000 rs. Average price is 3,699 rs.

Best Features 

Here are the best features of Maxima Max Pro X6. 

  • Rated by IP67 for water resistance. 
  • Comes with a display of 1.7 inch and with a HD quality.
  • Enables you respond to calls and also make calls through the smartwatch itself.
  • Tracks your health fitness and directs you to the measurable steps to make you fit.
  • Heart rate monitoring, oxygen monitoring features are present.

Final Thoughts

Smartwatches make most of your work easier. Getting the best one is difficult. We keep on asking everyone which brand is best etc. We’ll, everyone has their own perspectives and hence you get various answers. Hence to get you to a clear option by a great research we got the above top 5 smartwatches under 5000 rs.

Redmi and Realme are the best brands you can try out as your first choice. All the remaining ones are also best chosen according to the features you need and cost effectiveness. Hope the post was helpful to you. Stay connected for more similar posts.

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